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15 Cool Sculptures You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Throughout the world and even on the Internet — say hello to modern technology — you can discover stunning sculptures. Their creators simply destroyed all the traditions that ruled the world of fine art. We at Bright Side take our hats off to the masters who make impossible things real.

"Wonderland," Canada

The coolest thing about this statue in Calgary is to be inside it! Outside, this is a 12-meter wire frame in the form of a head; from the inside it’s a whole world, invented by Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa.

"Karma," USA

The creation of Korean sculptor Do-Ho Suh meets visitors of the New York Albright-Knox Art Gallery and immediately strikes their imagination. The statue is only 7 meters in height, but it seems endless.

"Last Supper," USA

The sculpture by Albert Szukalski in the ghost town of Rhyolite is the author’s rethinking of the fresco by Leonardo da Vinci. Against the background of the famous Death Valley, the figures look especially mysterious at night, when they’re lit from the inside with a special illumination.

"Diamonds," Australia

This photo hasn’t been rotated. New Zealand master Neil Dawson creates sculptures you cannot pass by without trying to figure out how they levitate. The effect is created with the help of barely noticeable wires.

Balancing sculpture, Dubai

This balancing bronze miracle completely defies the laws of physics. How the sculptures of Polish master Jerzy Kedziora don’t overturn under the influence of their own gravity and gusts of wind is a puzzle for almost everyone.

Monument to the violinist, Netherlands

In the famous Amsterdam “Stopera,“ where the city hall and the musical theater are located, a marble floor was broken to install the violinist’s sculpture. The author of this creation is a real intrigue. Anyway, everyone in the city hall shrugs their shoulders and prefers to ”ignore" it.

Porsches at the Festival of Speed, UK

Gerry Judah creates his incredible sculptures of cars that seem to rush into an endless space. As part of the annual Festival of Speed in Goodwood, he managed to work with the most famous brands of the automotive world.

"Diminish and Ascend," Australia

The staircase to the sky by David McCracken, installed in Sydney, has its secret. Each successive step is smaller than the previous one. Therefore, when you look at it, it seems infinite.

"The inevitability of time"

The Greek artist and sculptor Adam Martinakis creates digital sculptures in the genre of futuristic virtual art. You can see them only on the Internet or in prints. Yet this is why modern art exists: to discover new ways of expression.

"Features of Gravity for the Elephant," France

The sculpture by Daniel Firman had time to visit the Paris Castle of Fontainebleau. It was dedicated to the author’s theory that an elephant could balance on its own trunk at a height of 18,000 km above ground level.

"Runner," Greece

You can see the Greek "Dromeas" in Athens. From any perspective, one gets the impression it’s in motion. This colossal figure was created with an insane number of dark green glass pieces by sculptor Costas Varotsos.

Underwater sculptures, Mexico

Entire underwater parks in different parts of the world are the achievement of sculptor Jason Taylor. To take a selfie with these exhibits, you’ll have to make a big effort and find some scuba gear.


Another representative of digital art is Chad Knight. He places his virtual sculptures on a background close to reality. He makes it so amazing that fantastic images seem to come alive.

The Bather, Germany

German boaters got a surprise with "The Bather," a giant, styrofoam-and-steel sculpture showing a woman’s head and knees if she were soaking in a bathtub created by Oliver Voss.

"Ali and Nino," Georgia

The creation of this dynamic sculpture by Tamara Kvesitadze was inspired by the love story of two characters. The figures are in eternal motion: first toward each other, merging into a single whole, and then separated in the inevitable breakup.

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