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15 effective ways to clean up your desk

A desk cluttered with too many things can be quite a distraction, preventing you from concentrating on the task at hand. Plus, having to search for what you need when it's buried under a pile of junk can be really frustrating. A tidy desk, in contrast, creates a positive mood and stimulates your working activity.

To keep your desk tidy and your mind well-ordered, we at Bright Side put together this selection of valuable ideas on how to organize everything around you and keep all extraneous items out of the picture.

'Tiffany style'

Thick paper bags in pastel colors are the perfect solution for those who want to lessen the load sitting on their desktop. When fixed on the wall they look so beautiful and delicate. Step-by-step instructions can be found here

A bright table organizer 

This table organizer can be made using impromptu means, such as ordinary cardboard and toilet paper rolls. For a minimum of expenditure you get the best possible result!

A hidden depot

If there is a closet, dresser or closed shelf near to your workspace, you're incredibly lucky. Take a look at the instructions here to see how you can rationally use all that free space. 

Careful sorting 

Carefully sorting all the things you need into folders and boxes can help you combat a messy desktop. Moreover, tagging storage containers with colorful stickers or labels as has been done here will help you find the the item your looking for easily and quickly. 

A book surprise

Books placed on your desk always look elegant and can help swing your mood into work mode. Learn how to hide your stationery creatively here.

A wooden pen holder

Add an organic element to your work space with the help of this wooden holder for your pens. All you need is a piece of wood and a little bit of extra help to produce something like this.

A board for useful items

A display board for reminders and useful items created by doing this will help you keep your eyes on the ball and avoid forgetting something. 

A colorful file holder

Do you have any empty cereal boxes you haven't got round to throwing out? Don't rush to do so. Play a little bit with scissors, glue, and decorative paper, and you'll get an excellent holder for your papers, documents and magazines. The details are here

Wall pockets

This is a cheerful and effective solution for those who love sewing. Make some of these pockets and hang them above your desk to solve the problem of losing little things once and for all. 

Hanging cups for pencils

In order to free up your working space on the table, sometimes things can be hung above it. You can find an original approach to doing this here.

A reminder board collage 

Who said that a reminder board has to be a big single piece? It's way simpler and more fun to create several of them and fix them using decorative hooks, as shown here.

Vintage chic

Stick some glass, plastic and tin jars of different sizes on a dish, and you can make a functional holder for your stationery. Decorate it like this one in calm tones and vintage style for more inspiration. 

A box divider

To make sure your things don't get jumbled up in one huge mess inside your drawer, use a cardboard box divider. Find a guided masterclass on how to make one here

For geometry lovers

Try out this unusual wall organizer if you love corners. Turn some ordinary cardboard into a masterpiece by reading this

Extra space

If the table space you have is not enough, make use of the space around it. Some specially created holders and a bit of persistence could give you something as good as this.


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