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15 Ingenious Inventions You’ll Want to Get Right Away

We often have to choose between cute trinkets and functional things. But in the modern world, it turns out to be much easier to combine beautiful and useful than we thought.

Bright Side has collected some examples of a creative approach to everyday things that you’ll definitely want to have at home.

15. Potato Brush

A small but very functional kitchen tool. On the one hand, it’s a brush for scrubbing potatoes; on the other hand — a potato eye remover.

14. Keyboard Waffle Iron

Whenever you wish to treat yourself to delicious waffles in the manner of enthusiastic programmers or enigmatic writers, this keyboard waffle iron will help you in no time.

13. Ax Pizza Cutter

When using this ax instead of a knife, your usual pizza cutting can become a true show.

12. Pirate Bottle Opener

This cheerful pirate bottle opener will easily open a bottle, turning the cork into his missing peg leg.

11. Pencil-Shaped Icing Dispenser

It’s much easier to make a cake inscription when using an ordinary pencil, even if it’s filled with frosting instead of ink.

10. Cable Bin

A small neat bin will help you hide numerous cables and wires from prying eyes, as well as from children and pets.

9. Cat Eyeliner Stencil

Ideal flicks, perfect eyeliner, evenly applied eye shadow...all this can be achieved when using a flirty eyeliner stencil in the form of a cat.

8. Rockin Spoons

When the soul is calling for rock music and the stomach is calling for food, it’s time to add wooden rockin spoons to your kitchen tools.

7. Whale Toothbrush Holder

A funny whale holding your toothbrushes and toothpaste will certainly cheer up both children and adults in the morning.

6. Owl Key Holder

A small owl attached to the wall will hold your keys in its claws, and its observant eyes will remind you to take your keys when leaving your house or apartment.

5. Platypus Tea Strainers

Sophisticated platypuses will replace the usual tea bags and help you enjoy your favorite tea.

4. Pasta-Shaped Grips

Stylish pot grips will save your fingers from hot handles. Just don’t get them confused and cook them instead of regular pasta.

3. Toothpick Holder

This bright cactus will suit any dining table. It keeps toothpicks out of sight, and they come out as its needles when needed.

2. Power Bank

Very often we need to charge our gadgets on the go, and this pretty milk bottle is a cute and practical solution.

1. Spray-On Fabric

Using a special can, you’ll be able to actually spray on your clothes. The initial liquid mixture of plastic and cotton turns into real washable clothes when sprayed onto your body.

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