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15 Unusual Buildings That Made Us Wonder What It Would Be Like to Live in Them

With overpopulation becoming more and more common in big cities, architecture and urban planning projects are constantly having to be reinvented to fit more people into smaller spaces. Whether or not they are based on the rules of this profession, there are impressive buildings (for better and for worse) that make us wonder: “What would it be like to live in those uncommon buildings?”


Bright Side wanted to share some of these “way too original” buildings to surprise you and find out what you think of them.

1. An apartment in a garage — is that some kind of new trend?

2. How that Volkswagen Beetle got there in the first place, that’s the real mystery to me...

3. Many Hong Kong residents, who by the way are clearly not afraid of heights, live here.


4. Did they waste some space there or is it just a matter of “style”?

5. Hopefully this bathroom is not accessible to the general public...


6. 2 typical Brazilian features in a single picture: wires strewn all over the place and stairs without handrails

7. Rounded balconies in Lebanon.

8. Futuristic houses here on Earth or ordinary houses on Mars?

9. An apartment with a “privileged” view to the main street


10. These people redefined the meaning of the term “design.”

11. This house would be an excellent place to shoot a sci-fi thriller or something of the likes.

12. We can only see a construction that does not yet exist thanks to the magic of computer graphics. The question is: how would a person get there in the first place?

13. Pit construction in South Africa


14. Not suitable for those who like to take naps in the afternoon.

15. A stone house. It looks like a comfy place.

And you, what do you think of these unusual buildings? Have you seen something like this in your travels? Can you imagine living in one of them? Don’t hesitate to tell us about your experience in the comments!