16 Awesome Inventions to Make Your Life Easier

The future is finally here. Drones, hoverboards, gyroscooters – these are the words we use every day, and no one is surprised to hear them.

We at Bright Side decided to gather different useful inventions that take comfort and safety to another level. We want them all, but which would you choose?

1. Collapsible travel bottle

This bottle that shrinks and fits in any purse or bag is perfect for travelers. The spiral form makes Que Bottle very compact, leaving extra space for all the other things you want to put in your bag.

2. Sensor for flowers

Parrot Flower Power is designed to help you take care of your plants, garden, or lawn. The digital sensor sends notifications to your smartphone about what has to be done: watering, fertilizing, or moving the plant.

3. Fully autonomous suitcase

Travelmate Robotics follows the owner everywhere and avoids obstacles using directional indicators.

4. Garbage scan

GeniCan is a useful device that scans the barcodes of products as you throw them into the garbage bin. It then creates a shopping list in your smartphone.

5. Reusable ear cleaner

The creators of Eeears take care of their customers and nature. This little device is safe and easy to use. Don't be afraid to damage an eardrum – it won't let you.

6. Blincam

Just wink to take a picture with Blincam. This very convenient portable camera attaches to your glasses and won't let you miss a wow moment anymore!

7. Athletic breast support band

Booband is so simple yet so creative. The band supports your breasts when you jump or run. Many girls might feel discomfort during intense training, but Booband will make your life easier and keep your skin elastic.

8. Video toothbrush

Prophix is a smart toothbrush that projects a video to your phone screen when you brush your teeth. It helps you reach and monitor all problem areas.

9. Wetsleeve

Wetsleeve is the perfect replacement for plastic bottles. Designed for anybody with an active lifestyle, it allows you to drink without stopping your training. The leakproof material will keep water safe, and you can use the pockets for keys or a credit card.

10. Spyntex transformer

Spyntex lets you be as creative as you want. It consists of adjustable panels and can be transformed into various practical items such as furniture, home accessories, and even toys!

11. Tapi

Tapi is a simple rubber device that adjusts to your tap for comfortable drinking. Just put it on, squeeze the bottom, and drink.

12. Cake-slicing tin

Zenker's cake-slicing tin is a necessary device for those who like to bake at home. You can use it to cut a cake into 8 layers.

13. Portable travel toilet for women

We think the Travel Toilet looks more like a joke item than a useful device. However, pregnant women might find it handy as might people who travel a lot and find themselves in situations where there's no toilet.

14. Anti-thief backpack

A thief needs only a minute to open your backpack and steal something. Bobby is a unique backpack that has hidden zipper closures and secret pockets. No one can open it when it's on your back.

15. Umbrella that opens upside down

We've been waiting for it for so long! Suprella is made of a strong water-resistant material. It opens upside down, so you won’t suffer from surprise soakings anymore. The advantages are pretty obvious.

16. Back shaver

BaKblade 2.0 is for men who want to remove all the hair from their back. This device might also be useful for bodybuilders and those who don't like to wear extra "fur."

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