17 Brilliant Logos That Speak for Themselves

From time to time, it seems to many of us that there's nothing left in the world that can surprise us. But despite this, talented designers and marketing experts don't give up, and they end up creating something original and fresh to draw our attention.

We at Bright Side often find ourselves delighted at the inexhaustible creativity these people have. That's why we've put together 17 brilliantly minimalistic logos that instantly make sense without any words.


The Girl Scouts

A logo for a dog food shop

The Hope for African Children Initiative

For the Worldwide Short Film Festival

For the "Wine Forest" chain of stores

For a dog show

The World Wine Fest

Kölner Zoo

The SongCake website

For a barber shop

For a sushi-bar

For a women's literary prize

For the "Jurassic Wine" shop

For a web design studio

For the "Magic Coffee" shop


The Institute of Oriental Studies at Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil hastily withdrew their logo when they realized it could be seen as something other than a pagoda in front of a setting sun.

Preview photo credit logofaves
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