16 Green Design Ideas to Save Our Planet Before It’s Too Late

Scientists have proven that even an hour of interacting with nature improves our cognitive abilities by 20%. This is yet another reason in the long list of why we need more contact with nature. Thanks to numerous green design ideas we have more and more opportunities to be surrounded by nature, even if we live in a concrete jungle.

Bright Side has gathered the most ingenious design ideas that, apart from looking creative, can also make our lives healthier and greener. Come see it all for yourself!

1. Spherical garden to grow your own food

Homegrown fruit and vegetables always taste better but are nearly impossible to have if you live in a big city. The personal "growroom" is a perfect solution! This spherical construction doesn't take up a lot of space, but can feed your whole family... and maybe even your neighbors.

2. Green roofs for a healthier life

These green or "vegetated" roofs bring multiple benefits: they look nice, they can reduce the flow of storm water by absorbing most of it, and they present a new habitat for plants and animals. It's not surprising that they're sprouting up more and more on buildings around the world!

3. A grass bench in an urban space

Sit down on this bench and you'll feel like you're sitting on a lawn. It consists of a plastic carcass filled with natural grass. Isn't it a dream bench for nature lovers?

4. Eco-friendly hotel

This green oasis is a hotel located in Singapore. It not only transforms the view of the city making it more eco-friendly, but also recovers rain water and recycles and uses solar energy. Sounds like a hotel of the future, doesn't it?

5. A house enveloped in greenery

This whole house is covered with grass and kind of looks like the perfect camouflage! The walls are made out of a vertical garden and the roof holds a horizontal one. Seems like a perfect house for an environmentalist!

6. The living table

You don't need to own a garden in order to add some greenery into your life! This living table will stay green all year round and requires watering only once a month. And it might be quite tempting to add some of the lettuce-looking plants into the salad you're making...

7. Plant necklace

Even your jewelry can be eco-friendly... and we mean that literally! These wearable mini-plants are not only super cute, but also allow you to bring a little nature with you wherever you're going.

8. Grass armchair in your garden

It's like sitting on the grass, but much more comfortable! You can make a few of these chairs and arrange for some outdoor movie watching in the evening.

9. Moss matt for your bathroom

You can now feel nature everywhere, even in your bathroom! This moss matt must be extremely soft and nice to feel under your feet as you step out of the bath.

10. Lamps that grow plants without water or natural light

These innovative plant lamps were designed for apartments with a lack of natural sunlight. They thrive on a self-sustained ecosystem and need no light or water. So you can have a little nature even if you live in a bunker!

11. Digital clock that gets electricity from mud

How about a timeless garden right in your bedroom? It grows as you're sleeping and wakes you up with the sound of the digital clock and a breath of fresh oxygen in the morning. It also needs no batteries because it receives energy from the mud.

12. Cups with grass bottoms

Your favorite cup can be more than just a porcelain mug - it can have a little grass lawn right on the bottom! Just imagine how soft it'll feel when you place it on a table.

13. Plant walls inside your house

This might give you the feeling of living right in the middle of the forest. And these vertical plant walls are much better than wallpaper or painted walls - they give you a breath of fresh air!

14. Grass bed for better sleep

Nature helps you sleep better, some studies say. How about sleeping right on a natural bed? You'll probably sleep like never before...

15. Moss graffiti

Let street art become eco-friendly too! Graffiti like this replaces spray-paint and other toxic chemicals and reminds us about nature in urban spaces.

16. A bionic chandelier that purifies air

This chandelier is an example of how biotechnology can be applied to everyday objects that surround us. Each leaf is comprised of micro-algae that, when exposed to light, becomes active and purifies the air. Designer objects and care for the environment can go hand-in-hand!

Which of these nature-inspired designs did you like most? Do you think we'll have more of them in the future? We're waiting for your comments below!

Preview photo credit space10.io
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