17 Designers’ Flights of Imagination That Cause Too Many Questions

Every year people wait for something new, something that can really impress us and cause hot discussions. Modern designers are very aware of this and often create designer clothes and trends to satisfy the requirements of consumers.

Bright Side gathered such items just for you. Enjoy them, and share your opinions!

Are you brave enough for such shoes?

How do you like this French baguette bag?

"Fried Chicken Drumsticks" pants

Merciless designers didn't stop after hairy swimsuits.

And here is a skirt that looks like a car floor mat.

This is for people who want to show their 3rd eye.

Finally! Crop tops for men.

This variant is for you if you want to stay trendy even when it rains.

Underwear for one's safety in China. Would you like to own it?

These pants are for those who are tired of ordinary pants and jeans.

Astrological freckles can be placed to match your zodiac sign.

This costume imitates an X-ray.

Do you still trust the people around you?

Public transport leaves no choice.

Feeling a bit shy while using these wipes!

It's not only public transport that leaves no choice.

Probably not quite what the designer intended...

Did you find the compilation really funny? Which creation did you like the most? Share your emotions with us!

Preview photo credit JNied/ imgur, Teapotfox/ reddit
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