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17 Examples of When Designers Cared About People

There are inventions for which you want to say a big "thank you" to their creators. We at Bright Side made a list of 17 examples of such ingenious things made by people living side by side with us. We are grateful!

This elevator has buttons at foot level so you can press them if your hands are full.

The most awesome way to show how a demolished building once looked.

On the right are baskets for people who need the help of shop assistants, and on the left are those for people preferring to shop by themselves.

A versatile "spork" that even has a toothpick.

Cut resistant gloves that will always be useful when cooking.

This is probably the most unique doorbell.

A bench whose shape you can change whenever you like.

This hotel has towels specifically for removing makeup.

A bathroom for pets in an airport.

A road sign you can hardly ignore.

This is the entrance door in a hospital for patients with Alzheimer’s. It’s made to look like a bookcase so the patients won’t accidentally go outside and get lost.

A perfect picnic table for every member of the family — even the youngest ones.

Tires with a written deterioration warning.

2-in-1 chopsticks and fork.

Instant noodles with a convenient water drain.

The color of this sticker tells when a mango is ripe.

Bicycle parking with a built-in air pump.

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