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17 Ingenious Ideas That Took Advertising to a Whole New Level

Creative advertising always attracts your attention, so it’s clear why many brands strive to come up with novel ideas and innovative approaches to marketing their products. Sometimes you have to give credit where it’s due, and in many cases these guys achieve exactly what they set out to do — and to brilliant effect.

We put together a few of the best examples we could find for you to appreciate. Some are striking, others are funny, still others are incredibly inventive — all all of them perform their task brilliantly!

A clever use of hand grips on public transport by watch company IWC

Hair dye from Wella

Mugs of beer on tree trunks in honour of Oktoberfest

The perfect way to market the small yet spacious Honda Fit

Play-Doh plasticine helps develop kids’ imagination

Perfect eye sight for those who shop online for glasses at Keloptic

A dog can change your life for the better, as shown in an advert by Pedigree

Knives made by WMF are sharper than you think...

How to park relying entirely on sound, from Mercedes-Benz

Unbelievably fast delivery from FedEx...

...can apparently overtake all of its competitors

Another great idea...

Careful how you park the car, from Volkswagen

A really creative idea for beach shower stalls...just fantastic!

The air is fresher than on the street with air-con from Panasonic

An advertisement for super-absorbent kitchen towels

A party for your stomach, from Barilla

The best way to begin something is start with a cup of coffee...

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