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17 Insane Design Ideas That Cause Both Laughter and Tears

This world is full of things that can't be explained logically. Are they the result of irresponsibility or malicious intent? Does anyone think things really work that way? Anyway, thanks to certain designers, there are many funny things that we want to share with you.

Bright Side invites you to have a look at a compilation of absurd design solutions. Let's have some fun!

17. We wonder if this designer has ever seen a compass.

16. This is the best decision for couples who always want to be together.

15. Wait a second. Where is Europe?

14. You're not allowed to make a mistake.

13. Only one question: Why?

12. There's something you should always keep in mind when creating bus ads...

11. Not for girls!

10. For lazy people:

9. We guess they should stop letting those same people make the charts.

8. This figure looks a bit weird and creepy.

7. Safety is the most important thing!

6. I'd better use an ordinary tea bag...

5. If only all winters were like this.

4. "I never imagined the Golden Gate Bridge would be as bike friendly as it is."

3. I'm an artist. It's up to me.

2. We hope people manage to get out of there.

1."Back to school? Just what I need!"

Well, at least they tried. And at least we had fun. Did you like the compilation? Do you have any similar examples of designers' creativity to share with us?

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