17 practical ideas for organizing your jewelry

Accessories have always been an indispensable part of a perfect style and a great way to improve your overall look. Well-chosen jewelry will always express your individuality, add a touch of elegance to your outfit, and make you stand out from the rest. You can still look amazing in a plain shirt and jeans if you combine them with an original necklace or beautiful earrings.

We at Bright Side are very well aware that keeping jewelry well organized is a real challenge. Therefore, we selected the 17 coolest and most practical ideas to help you find a perfect storage solution for your necklaces, earrings, and all types of jewelry.

Dreamcatcher Earring Caddy

Find out how to make this kind of bohemian organizer for your earrings.

An elegant shelf

This is how you can make this stylish organizer for storing your necklaces.

Chicken wire window frame for your earrings

Here are a few simple steps to create this kind of beautiful storage.

A twig jewelry holder

Find out how to make a beautiful and rustic holder by following these instructions.

A wooden board organizer

Learn how to make this pretty jewelry holder with your own hands on this blog.

A necklace rack made from an old jenga set

You can find out how to make such a piece of wall art here.

Minimalistic board in a frame

Read more about this clever way to store your jewelry.

Funny and colorful hooks from twigs

The video tutorial on this blog will teach you how to make this kind of amazing rack.

Peg board for all types of jewelry

Here is the detailed explanation of this creative project.

A wooden necklace holder

Find out how to make this simple and stylish holder.

A jewelry holder hanger

Here is the video tutorial for designing a stunning hanger for your necklaces.

A cute lace earring holder

Learn how to make such a wonderful piece of decor.

A notebook for storing your jewelry

Find more offbeat solutions for storing your accessories in this blog.

A cork board for necklaces and bracelets

The tutorial of this DIY super cute idea is here.

A bottle holder for bracelets

Here you will find how to display your bracelets on bottles and a few more great ideas.

A wall-hanging jewelry organizer

Find out how to repurpose an old desk drawer into a lovely and colorful jewelry organizer.

A driftwood jewelry organizer

Find out more about this creative and stylish project here.

Preview photo credit 5-Minute Crafts , consumercrafts
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