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18 Cases That Prove the Sky’s the Limit When It Comes to Design

There are ideas that are incredibly simple on one hand and brilliantly genius on the other.

We at Bright Side believe that the people who produce them are extremely cool, and we are eager to share some of their creative solutions with you.

1. A phone window on a hair salon cover. Now you won’t get bored while you’re having your hair cut.

2. This dressing room lets you see what your clothes will look like with various types of light.

3. In this bar, you can leave your phone in a locker and be sure of its safety.

4. Here you can choose a book based on just a few hints at the plot and without knowing the author or title.

5. A deck for frogs and other small animals who fell into the pool by accident.

6. You can have a snack right in the supermarket for a deposit of only 25 cents.

7. It’s good to have skateboard parking at your school.

8. This Japanese toilet has a button that plays music so no one can hear what you do.

9. This supermarket has a special shelf for those who change their mind about buying something at the checkout.

10. This shower with a thermometer is the dream of many.

11. Special shoes for those who are tired of dancing in heels.

12. A carton that shows how many glasses of juice you have left.

13. A flower vending machine in a hospital hall.

14. A mobile sauna in Budapest for those who want to get warm in the cold.

15. A notebook with a hole for your pen. Now you definitely won’t lose it.

16. Just a coconut with a pull top.

17. This guy transformed a burn scar into a cool tattoo.

18. A trash can where you can slam dunk your trash.

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