18 Awesome Designers Who Managed to Think Ahead About the Tiniest Details

A well thought out design can often be the very factor determining whether you'll buy a beer, book a hotel or get a particular brand of jeans. Because when designers not only manage to create a beautiful thing but show their ability to think ahead, we understand that they did their work well. In this article we are going to show you the very examples of cool and functional design.

Bright Side collected 18 design masterpieces whose creators could get 'A+' for their work.

This hotel knows that tourists love small souvenirs.

A fire escape slide instead of a ladder.

Chocolate that can be broken into unequal parts

The beach that was made for everyone:

A toilet map showing which stalls are currently occupied

"My university has a coke machine that accepts hugs as payment."

A bar where a special tray is provided when ordering food

There are special marker lids that go together with this box of markers because the first ones get lost so often.

"My hotel is doing construction so they give guests chocolate hammers on their pillows."

An extra mini-roll of toilet paper instead of the regular empty space.

A minimalist box of bran flakes for those who don't like to judge by appearance.

This toilet has a special drain for those who didn't hit the target completely.

Finally, ideal doughnuts for those on a diet have been created. You can even eat a dozen!

When you simply want to drink beer instead of getting lost in a variety of different brands.

They found an interesting way to fight soda stealing in this restaurant.

Toilet paper that is as dark as the night

A levitating cocktail glass

A very important warning from the manufacturers of trousers:

We at Bright Side liked the vending machine that accepts hugs the most. Isn't it nice? Please share the things that you liked the most in the comments!

Preview photo credit yenimersin33
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