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19 Awesome Household Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

Bright Side came across some amazing household gadgets designed to make your life much easier and more fun. They’re practical, colorful, innovative, attractive and space-saving .

Check out these 19 clever tools below, and just imagine how your everyday life would change if you had each of these wonderful gadgets at home.

19. Magnetic stickers

You can have all the small everyday utensils you need right at your fingertips.

18. Origami boat candles

A beautiful and subtle idea to decorate your home and create a magical atmosphere.

17. A hook-on desk for your balcony

Is it a flower pot, or a desk? It’s both! Now you can work outdoors with all the comfort you require, and breathe fresh air during the most productive hours of the day.

16. A waterproof notepad

Our best ideas always come in the shower, and with this waterproof notepad you can write them down, leave messages, and also write love notes. Fantastic!

15. A backpack with a hood

Simply practical. You don’t have to wear a raincoat to protect yourself from wind and rain — this backpack has everything you need to go out and face the weather.

14. The Thumb Thing

Keep your book open with a single finger! This brilliant book-page holder can also be used as a bookmark, on top of making reading a lot more comfortable.

13. Food huggers

This cute kitchen gadget prevents your leftover fruits and veggies from rotting and keeps them fresh.

12. For those who love singing in the shower

Add fun to your shower experience! With this shower head speaker you can listen to your favorite music, and even take phone calls during the shower.

11. A peelable brush

With this simple gadget you can finally clean your brush’s bristles in one movement! Is this the best invention ever?

10. Cord-gobbling balls

No more cables cluttering up your house. These cute and colorful balls swallow up excess wires, cords and cables and keep them in order.

9. A mold to bake individual cake slices

How did we live without this mold all these years? Simply genius.

8. A multi-tool phone case

This case can turn your mobile into a 22-tool Swiss army knife. Great for anyone that enjoys camping and adventures but who needs to stay connected.

7. Scissors and tape all in one

How many times have you wished you had something like this at your disposal? Probably, a lot!

6. A fountain for your faucet

This gadget will turn your faucet into a drinking fountain. Now you won’t have to stick your head under the tap anymore.

5. A bathtub caddy

You’ll never want to get out of your bathtub with this one! This holder will keep your beauty products, your favorite book, or a glass of wine within reach while you relax in the tub. Perfect!

4. Fridgepad for iPad

Stick your iPad to the fridge and listen to music or watch a recipe tutorial while you cook.

3. A holder for hot styling tools

No more heat marks on your bathroom counter tops! Now you can put your curling iron away without waiting for it to cool — this handy gadget will hold all your hot styling tools safely.

2. Vegetable slicer

No more boring vegetables with this spiral slicer.

1. Pasta measurer

The "I Could Eat a Horse Spaghetti Noodle Pasta Measurer Tool" — do we need to add anything?

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