19 Gadgets That Prove We’re Living in the Future

Science and technologies are developing so fast that it’s practically impossible to track all the new inventions that appear. Gadgets that we couldn’t even dream about are now entering our lives at the speed of sound. Bionic lenses that can change reality, invisible air umbrellas, and a 3D pen that ‘draws’ tangible objects — the future is here!

Bright Side wants to show you these gadgets and accessories that sounded futuristic only a few years ago.

1. The technology of intraocular bionic lenses developed by scientists is believed to restore eyesight. Who knows, maybe in the future lenses could fully substitute an eye like this imaginary lens below?

2. Another type of lens that is being developed now has an imprinted electronic circuit and lights that will be able to project information on the world outside. This is our idea of what these lenses could look like in reality:

3. And here come the inventions we can already use. A 3D pen lets you ’draw’ any object you like.

4. What about a portable popcorn maker?

5. Paro seal is a Japanese therapeutic robot designed to help patients with Dementia. This is the way these robots are charged.

6. With these creative T-shirts you can let your kids draw on their clothes.

7. This portable solar charger will help you re-charge your gadgets wherever you are.

8. A universal kitchen utensil suitable for any food. This is genius!

9. Somnox pillow is a robot that produces soothing sounds, synchronizes with your breath, and makes it slower while you sleep.

10. This invisible umbrella creates an adjustable air curtain that protects you from rain drops.

11. Laser keyboards don’t occupy space and don’t need cleaning.

12. With an Ostrich pillow you can enjoy your sleep in any place.

13. Portable air conditioner will provide you with fresh cool air without disturbing your colleagues.

14. This split keyboard will let you place your hands in the most comfortable manner.

15. A Numbrella is a hands-free umbrella ideal for both rainy and sunny weather.

16. This mini vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning keyboards, laptops, and furniture.

17. With these coffee sachets you don’t need a coffee machine to enjoy your favorite drink.

18. This mini air tank will let you dive for up to 10 minutes.

19. This goggles umbrella fully covers the upper part of your body letting you see what’s going on around you.

Which of these inventions would you like to have? Tell us in the comments!

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