20 cute little things for your workplace that will brighten your day

The following cute little things will not only bring a smile to your face, but will also make your work desk a more pleasant and fun place to be - and probably even make your day more productive. There are hundreds of very talented designers out there who offer new and useful things to us every day. Just think of how many smart and innovative gadgets and devices for our homes and offices that are out there for you to get your hands on!

These office supplies will definitely brighten your mood, so why not try them out?

Sloth clips

I'll take one of each!

The cutest dusting brush ever

The mini toaster with a 'toasted' USB stick

The ultimate cup holder

Cute little trucks for your paper clips and business cards

The Arctic memo station with a magnetic pen holder

What a big fish!

The astronaut USB light

For all the fans of outer space out there.

Memo fruit

Each piece of fruit has 150 sheets of paper to write your notes on.

The Chameleon scotch tape dispenser

Don't worry! This guy's tongue is very long!

The 'Picnic' pencil and eraser set

For when you can't wait to go camping!

Cables clips

Perfectionists will so love them!

The 'Pinocchio' pencil sharpener

The 'Rabbit Ears' memo board

The cutest pencil holder ever made

A cute little mini fridge for your beverage

It's powered through a USB cable.

A stylish 'My document' laptop bag

The designer transformed the well-known folder icon into a laptop bag.

Highlighters shaped like nail polish

For you, girls!

The Apple calendar

Sticky notes

The harder you work, the sadder I get...

The Anti-Theft Cup

If you keep the plug in a secret location, no one will be able to use your cup without your permission!

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