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20 Hilarious Situations When People Had One Job and Failed Miserably

Every one of us sometimes has a hard time doing our job right on the first attempt, but there are people in the world who somehow manage to screw up even the most obvious of tasks.

Bright Side has found 20 such masterpieces from those who forgot to have their morning coffee.

Make your own bikini!

This recharger turned out to be a very, very bad idea.

This is landscape design. You understand nothing!

A refreshing shower on a hot summer afternoon.

That's a real professional's work.

Close enough.

They almost got it right. Almost!

The most brilliant placement ever.

Who cares about the details?

Someone definitely got an 'F' in geography.

Just in case!

Nice try, tomatoes.

If you want to get some privacy, there's no better place.

I'm an artist, and this is a work of art. Go away!

Perhaps they meant the tough school of street life?

I have my reservations about the quality of education here.

If that's not a miracle, then what is?

Bank robbers, beware!

We don't pick easy ways!

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