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20 Ingenious Inventions That Will Brighten Your Office Life

20 Ingenious Inventions That Will Brighten Your Office Life

We spend at least one third of our lives working. If you consider your office to be your second home, you should think about how to decorate it and turn your desk into a comfortable and fun place to be. Plus, you don’t want your workspace to look boring, do you?

We put together these 20 really smart and fun inventions for your office to brighten your working days.

These Ctrl + Alt + Delete cups will not activate your Task manager, but they sure will please you with some coffee

This all-in-one humidifier, air purifier and aroma diffuser will definitely help you get rid of stress!

A white cable box for perfect cable management

These smart cable clips will prevent the wires and cords falling off your desk to nowhere

With this 3D Printing Pen you’ll rediscover your love for doodling

This astronaut will light your way into outer space

An elliptical trainer for exercising right under your desk

The Desktop Punching Ball is what you really need after a long stressful day

This clear view marker will never spoil your document

A wall clock that is also a whiteboard, so you can decorate it any way you want

The ’Nap-wherever-you-want’ cushion. I definitely need one of these!

A USB-powered fan to help you stay cool even on the hottest day of the year

A hammock for your feet made of heated fleece

The zipper bookmark

A cute water tower that keeps your drink at the perfect temperature

The handheld paper shredder

The USB-powered mini freezer

A USB-powered microwave that goes perfectly with your USB mini freezer

And, finally, THIS THING...

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