20 Instructions That Are Way Cooler Than the Item Itself

We rarely pay attention to the label on a new T-shirt, we don't look at the instructions when assembling furniture, and we certainly never read what is written on the bottom of our favorite mug. And it's our loss!

Bright Side has found 20 witty instructions and labels proving that manufacturers also have a sense of humor.

20. I won't get married until someone proposes to me as in the last picture.

19. This page in my IKEA instruction manual advises me to simply throw out the extra parts.

18. Finally, just dry your hands on your clothes.

17. Here's a typical manual for a typical Japanese refrigerator.

16. This was the only reason I read it.

15. NASA also has a sense of humor. An important note on a space shuttle.

14. The moment when luck is all you need.

13. I should have done so from the very beginning.

12. That's how you use a hat. In case someone didn't know.

11. You didn't think that getting to the instructions would always be so easy, did you?

10. Looks like someone tried to do it.

9. My wife was given a mug. There was a useful comment from the manufacturer on the bottom.

8. The moment when an envelope takes more care of you than you do.

7. The moment when you wanted to do something important but forgot what it was.

6. The main thing is to read the instructions before use by all means!

5. There seems to be a difficult task ahead, so the instructions suggest that I prepare for it in advance.

4. The refrigerator manual tells us that all the strange sounds it produces are absolutely normal.

3. There's nothing complicated here.

2. You'd better not do so.

1. And, finally, an important reminder:

Bonus: This is what happens when you take some instructions literally.

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