20 Smart Inventions Our World Has Been Crying For

The 21st century is already so full of witty, smart inventions that it seems no one could think of anything better. At the same time, ordinary things that we use every day are not always 100% convenient. For example, there are traffic lights that spare too little time for pedestrians to cross, making it difficult for elderly folks to cross the road. Singapore has solved this issue by equipping traffic lights with special scanners where seniors can use ID cards to prolong alotted crossing times.

We at Bright Side see huge potential in each of these inventions and are eager to share our finds with you.

A camp-cot that is very easy to put up

Cat dryers exist and that’s all you need to know.

Light-up crosswalk

In Singapore, senior citizens can tap their IDs for more time to cross the road.

“My grandpa made a bookmark that shows you where on the page you left off.”

This museum in Berlin has “touchable” versions of their paintings for blind people.

A trinket that helps mark facilities you shut down and turned off before leaving home

Translation: “Gas, lights, windows, cold and hot water, door”

These tiles are produced at a factory in Guangzhou, China.
Now you don’t have to cut them, mold the corners, or buy sinks.

A mini-dog chair on a bike

A mini-portable projector that can create a movie theatre anywhere

The architecture and set-up of this hydroponic system are so nice.

The perfect shower does exist.

There are even models that show the water’s temperature.

There are also shower systems that change colors depending on the water’s temperature: red for hot, blue for cold, and green for the perfect temperature.

A strainer that can easily pick up pickles from the bottom of the jar

Window cleaner that can wash the glass from both sides thanks to special magnets

Anti-mosquito fishing tent

A foldable table that can help you save space

A condiment spoon that won’t fall off the jar thanks to its design

“The drawer in my kitchen that’s made to dispense paper towels”

Are there any ordinary things in your home that became much easier to use after a slight improvement? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit Koteggg / Pikabu
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