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20+ Times We Wanted to Give Designers a Hug for Their Priceless Inventions

Elevator buttons that you can press with your feet, a winter simulator cabin that allows you to test your winter clothes before buying, a shirt that is designed to help women with big breasts feel comfortable, there are a plenty of tools and accessories that help us avoid daily struggles and wasting money. Brilliant minds work to make our lives easier and we can see the fruit of their efforts everywhere.

We at Bright Side couldn’t help but say a loud “thank you!” to the people who made our lives easier by introducing smart solutions for everyday struggles. We invite you to share this gratitude with us.

1. The elevator has buttons you can press with your feet if your hands are full.

2. This store has a winter simulator for testing out winter clothing.

3. This shirt has buttons on the inside that prevent that gap that can sometimes be caused by a full bust.

4. The tables at this food court have built in wireless charging.

5. This shop has a hammer for people to test the durability of the lens.

6. A staircase in a metro in Hyderabad, India, motivates people to go on foot more.

7. Oklahoma manhole covers have a city map on them, with a white dot showing where in the city you are.

8. You can see from a distance which moving walkway you should take.

9. This shop has a place to test your shoes.

10. These places have separate conveniences for children.

11. The chop-fork provides you with a choice on how to consume your meals.

12. “My new wok has circles to measure oil.”

13. A restaurant has an angled mirror over the chefs so you can see exactly how your food is prepared.

14. A restaurant has a foot operated faucet.

15. A store arranges bananas by ripeness.

16. The ramp for walking your bike along the stairs

17. This toaster oven has an “a bit more” button.

18. A store in Monterrey has trash bags, wipes, and cleaning solution for when your dog poops.

19. A vendor sells a multi-meat pack. Different meats for different meals.

20. This clinic has a separate room for newborns, so that they can be safe from the coughers and sneezers waiting in the other room.

21. The Paris airport has free arcade games to help pass the time.

22. This airport has an infinity pool.

23. “Our new fridge came with a sheet that shows examples of sounds that occur during normal use.”

What is something you would love to see in the places you visit daily that could help you or your family to live a better life?

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