22 Inventions That Should Pervade Our Lives Right Now

10-15 years ago, who would have thought that they might be able to upload medical information to a bracelet and access it at any moment? And today, these bracelets are accessible for people with memory disorders. Thanks to scientists and designers, sci-fi things are becoming our reality: the things that were just a concept yesterday, will be sold in stores tomorrow. And when it comes to some inventions, we want this time to come even faster.

We at Bright Side love technologies that make our lives easier. This compilation is about the inventions that are already used in some countries and don’t seem all that unusual for people around the world.

1. Blue lagoon floating island

2. A USB port on a bus

3. This is a stall for your dog outside a supermarket in Copenhagen!

4. “My orange and mango juice carton has a see-through part on the side to show you how much juice there is left.”

5. “My friend’s kid is charging his shoes via their couch. The future is a weird place...”

6. Blue lights in restrooms prevent drug users from finding veins to shoot into.

7. The golf balls at the mini-golf course on this pier are made of fish food and fall into the sea on the 18th hole.

8. This supermarket has parking spots for dogs.

9. This 3-D printed cast uses ultrasound to accelerate the healing time of broken bones by about 40%.

Here you can read a study of this technology.

10. Resealable cans of water — a great substitution for plastic

11. These wheelchair-accessible stairs in Brussels

12. “This tiny door for 1st graders at the school where my mom teaches”

13. A sign with a map of house numbers and streets

14. In a French supermarket, only the wine section had a wooden floor — so that the bottles have less of a chance of breaking if they are dropped.

15. This city embeds their traffic lights in the sidewalk to aid iPhone-addicted pedestrians.

16. “My beach has a sunscreen station.”

17. In Copenhagen there is a children’s bicycling playground. Here they can practice bicycling in the city and learn the rules before they enter the streets.

18. “My favorite clothing store has light settings so you can see how your outfit will look at different times of the day.”

19. This check-out lane scans items as they pass through on the belt.

20. My university has a vending machine with all the things you need as a student, from sanitary pads to a power bank.

21. This air conditioned dog house outside of bar in Ferndale, Michigan

22. This is a bracelet for people with Alzheimer’s disease in Spain. The QR-code will show the medical information about the owner and the contact information of their relatives.

Which of these inventions seems the most useful for you? Which one would you like to have?

Preview photo credit Amazon, Unknown user / Imgur
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