22 Legendary Advertising Fails That Won at Catching Attention

We've become so used to advertising that we don't even pay that much attention to it anymore. But sometimes we come across those bright gems of advertising that stick out and not only catch our attention, but they also get the job done – they stick in our minds and make us remember the brand.

Luckily, almost everyone has cameras handy these days and we at Bright Side want to share the photos with you.

1. Welcome to the party.

2. I swear, it’s just mud.

3. Sounds about right...

4. Unexpected hidden meowing:

5. That must be a very special style...

6. We also offer a 20% discount for life insurance.

7. The Wildrose campaign will get attention, for sure.

8. I am watching you.

9. If you say so...

10. The worst airline ad ever...

11. Come on, don't be scared.

12. I kind of figured it out before I even could read it.

13. He has absolutely no idea.

14. Big brother is watching.


16. This is my special koala smile:

17. At least she is enjoying it. No one is judging.

18. You have been warned...

19. Complete instruction.

20. The poster people didn't really think this through.

21. 1 in 3 is equal to 2 for 3 – another math mystery.

22. At least they are honest about their coffee.

Do you have any photos of advertising fails or something unexpected, bizarre, and funny? Add it to the comments below and share the article with your friends!

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