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26 Impressive Inventions Each of Us Could Secretly Dream of at Least Once

Designers keep improving the things we all use, making them more interesting. Sometimes their goal is just to make our daily life a little brighter.

Bright Side created a collection of unusual ideas. Looking at them, we can only ask ourselves how we lived without these beauties before.

A phone charger that looks like a stylish bracelet

A doormat for those who want to be precise in every little thing

An umbrella that can really hide you

A flash drive that shows the amount of free space left

This pizza bag is as genius as it is simple.

You can easily turn your ordinary bike into a magic vehicle.

This microfiber patch makes you forget about looking for something to wipe your glasses with.

A lamp that looks like a piece of smoldering wood

Headphones for those who prefer the sounds of waves to any music

This cheese grater is for those who are legendary guitar players in their dreams.

Why would dinosaurs have such teeth?

This measuring cup shows the volume even if you incline it.

A Fibonacci watch for puzzle lovers

With these spoons, you won’t be bored waiting for the water to boil.

When you are both a gamer and a book lover:

This tool set is packed into a case in the shape of Thor’s hammer. The perfect gift for a comic lover!

This lamp in the shape of a pencil can make any space cooler.

Chocolate is a whole universe!

A magnetic cookie holder for your milk

You can charge your phone with the power of your muscles.

This clock shows all the hours.

Finally, someone created it.

This toothpaste tube has 2 holes.

Every cat should have a staircase.

An incredibly beautiful and minimalistic set of playing cards

This Christmas sweater allows you to make a “living fireplace” in your belly using your phone.

You can sleep in a nest, no matter if you are an owl or a lark.

How often do you buy things just because you loved their design or they made you smile? Tell us in the comments!

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