26 Products That Should Have Been Invented Long Ago

Since the invention of the wheel, we have seen many creations that changed the face of the world. Leaving aside the bigger ones like televisions, airplanes, or even the internet, there were many small inventions that have become part of our daily lives.

Bright Side came across some such inventions and many others which are still in the imagination process. Look how convenient life is going to be in the coming years!

26. This GPS keychain will help with your forgetfulness.

At some point, we have all lost our car keys and struggled to open the car with different tactics. No more! Just use this key fob with its own GPS.

25. This rotatable bench allows you to sit on a drier side.

On rainy days, you won't have to stand around when there's an empty bench beside you because it will not be wet anymore! Just roll it, and it's good to sit on.

24. Here's a playful way to stop littering.

Now people will be encouraged to throw waste in the bin itself. It's not just a throw anymore – it's a basketball slam dunk.

23. A hoodie in a backpack

For avid travelers, this is going to be a big boon. A utility that is so comfortable!

22. Color-detecting pen

Liked the bright red color of a strawberry or the deep orange of a tangerine? Let the pen know!

21. Bathrooms in movie theaters play the same movie you are watching.

So that you don't miss even a single minute of your favorite movie, bathrooms should be installed with screens that are playing with similar timing to the big screen.

20. A transparent hole punch

No guessing games anymore. And definitely no mistakes.

19. A mute button on a microwave

For those times when you don't want anyone to hear you heating your food.

18. This car turns into a swimming pool.

A nice solution to get away from the summer heat.

17. A pillow so comfortable you will actually sleep in peace!

This will make sure your arms don't go numb after you wake up from a good sleep.

16. Rain, rain, I don't care!

With this invention, you don't have to worry about getting drenched ever again.

15. A slide with stairs

You will never have to count the number of steps again.

14. Curvy teacup stand for sofas

No more worries about spills, even when you are relaxing and about to doze off.

13. Desalination could solve the freshwater problem around the world.

Maybe an invention like this, which can make seawater drinkable, will prove to be a game changer in global environmental issues.

12. No more sulking over your short height with these big boots!

Wear them to get on with the tasks that usually require a big ladder...and someone to make sure you don't fall off.

11. The illusion of a lunch bag

No one will dare touch your sandwich now. Of course, nobody likes stale food.

10. A mobile holder for nighttime surfing

Your nose is absolutely safe now, if not your eyes.

9. The Fizz Pill – no more flat carbonated drinks!

Perhaps now bigger bottles will be sold more, and there will be less wastage.

8. NOTA option for casting votes

This is an honest and true version of democracy.

7. Solar powered car AC prevents the car from heating up in a parking lot.

For a change, you'll wish that the sun was shining brightly so that the car stays cool without any battery consumption.

6. Spray-on wrapping paper

Wrapping is fun and hassle-free with this magical spray-on paper.

5. Edible cups for when you are too hungry

You don't have to wait for the food to get out of the pot, into the spoon, and into your mouth. Simply start chewing the cup!

4. A circular shower – luxury plus convenience

Bathing has never been so experimental!

3. These condoms change color when they come into contact with an STI.

No more worries about unsafe sex.

2. A spray-on sunblock room

Just as you have tanning rooms, the sunblock room is for those who don't want to get a patchy tan.

1. This smart coffee cup catches drips and puts them back in place.

The love for your coffee will never be hurt again. Not a single drop will be wasted.

These tiny inventions look like they are so simple, but they still deserve applause. Not only do they make our lives simpler but they are also proof of the intelligent human mind. Do you know of or own any such inventions? Share with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit The Way We See The World, Imgur
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