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28 Designers Who Took Advertisement to a Whole New Level

The main purpose of advertising is to call people for purchasing or acting in a particular way. However, there are some ads that are just fascinating because of their unique beauty or an unusual idea. At this point it’s time to wonder: how is it even possible to create something like that?

Bright Side collected the most incredible variants of advertising art. Let’s watch and enjoy!

28. An Irish pub’s creative ad

27. Swipe the “hair” and you’ll go to the advertiser’s page

26. Social advertising can also be smart

25. Build the future with Lego

24. The phone likes the taste of its owner’s fingers after he ate KFC’s chicken

23. Burger King turned the real pictures of their restaurant on fire into advertising. The fire was caused by the open flame of Burger King’s cooking stoves.

22. Rolling Stone with a real heart

21. Ashtanga Yoga takes care of your spine

20. Penguin Books’s audiobooks bring a new experience of the stage

19. Whiskas nurtures your cat’s instincts

18. Volkswagen calls to “Turn on your adventure”

17. Incredible power of Bosch

16. Lego develops imagination

15. BIC: the glue that helps to stay together

14. Exito bottles don’t absorb other smells

These bottles have very thick walls so the smell of the food in your fridge will never get to your water.

13. Sharpie twin tip pens

12. Scribe pencils can bring the drawings to life

11. Sears Optical gives you a cat’s vision

10. Al Flaherty’s hunting and fishing shop

Everything you need to be invisible.

9. Incredible body art

8. ALO washing powder with a system for spot recognition

7. Stihl noiseless chainsaws

6. A Mother’s Day reminder from Alto Rosario Shopping

5. Follow us on your iPad

4. An original white KitKat

3. Social advertising that calls to feed the hungry

2. Ad with a catch

1. You only have to find the power to jump the fence

Would you pass by such ads without noticing them? If you have your own examples of cool ads share them with us in the comments section.

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