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30 Eco-Friendly Designs That Are Saving Our Planet Right Now

Air, water, and soil pollution has grown significantly over the last several decades, and the earth is literally crying for help. Environmental issues are discussed and solved on governmental and international levels, but there are small enterprises and individuals who make a difference day by day. Single-use cutlery made of plants, “seedbombs” that save bees, and even shampoo that comes with no packaging at all are all things creative thinkers come up with to keep proving we still have a chance at fixing our own mistakes in this world.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that all of us can do their part in saving planet Earth. That’s why we want to show you our collection of creative eco-friendly designs and inventions in hopes that they inspire you to take some action!

30. This intricately folded banana leaf serves as a perfect substitute for a plastic cup that you use once and throw away.

29. Compostable cups made of plants live up to their name! Oyster mushrooms can be grown from biodegradable cups as food!

28. These nice bags are made of plastic waste and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

27. It turns out that banana leaves can serve as good packaging for snack bars. Isn’t it brilliant?

26. A mesh bag that we can carry is a nice alternative to the numerous plastic bags we end up buying at supermarkets.

25. According to experts, in just the US alone, people use 500 million straws every day! Why not switch to 100% eco-friendly bamboo straws and prevent tons of plastic from ending up in landfills?

24. A reusable stainless steel straw that comes together with a cleaning brush is a good option too!

23. These plates are made of leaves instead of plastic or paper.

22. We’re throwing away tons of plastic brushes that end up polluting our oceans and killing sea animals. Isn’t a bamboo brush a healthier alternative?

21. How often do you use plastic wrap? Several times a week? This reusable wrap uses natural fabrics and beeswax that can be used to wrap all sorts of food.

20. Natural candles are another environment-friendly design beeswax is widely used for.

19. Some cafes in India serve their food in improvised bowls made of green leaves.

18. Many companies are now producing bottles that look like they’re made of plastic, but in fact, they’re not. These bottles are made of plant starch and other natural ingredients, giving us hope that someday we can get rid of single-use plastic bottles.

17. It’s hard to believe, but this purse is made of edible apple paste.

16. Many coconut shells get thrown away but they can be used as natural bowls for serving your meals.

15. This plant is growing in a “flower pot” made of coconut fiber and natural rope.

14. A great number of beauty products that we use every day come in paper or plastic packaging. Nowadays, manufacturers that want to reduce their environmental footprint make solid bars of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body scrub, and even hand cream that all come without packaging.

13. These dryer balls are made of wool. They work well, last long, and contain no chemicals.

12. “Seedbombs” are starch-based compostable containers that hold seeds of flowers to attract bees and other pollinators. Just throw this “bomb” in your yard and save the planet!

11. And here’s another way to help tired bees recharge their batteries: a few thick wooden sticks with holes in them make for a cozy home!

10. These bath toys for kids contain no plastic or other chemicals.

9. Take a metal container with you if you’re planning to enjoy some street food, and you won’t need to eat from single-use plastic plates.

8. A razor made of stainless steel will last for years and prevent you from spending lots of money on plastic razors.

7. This textile basket is made of recycled fabrics. In fact, any unwanted clothing can be turned into a lovely piece of home decor or a functional household item.

6. These edible cups are made of flour, water, and spices and are used to serve hot soup in fast-food chains.

5. “Eco-bricks” are made of empty plastic bottles stuffed with other plastic waste and are used as an improvised form of building material. Making plastic bricks has become a trend recently, and we hope it continues to attract more and more people.

4. Edible 6-pack rings can easily dissolve in water and won’t ever hurt sea animals.

3. A coconut scourer is a gem for any person who thinks about doing their part in saving the planet.

2. Natural confetti made of leaves of different colors will add to the festive atmosphere of your celebration with no damage to the environment.

1. These colorful unearthly-looking drops are made of natural ingredients and actually contain shampoo. Just imagine how much less plastic we can use if we apply this technology to a wider range of products?

Which of these designs do you find the most useful and creative? Can you share any other eco-friendly ideas with us and our readers? We’re excited to read your comments below!

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