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35 Cases Where Designers Had Only One Job and Failed Dramatically

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. However, sometimes it’s hard to understand which rules designers are following.

Bright Side has collected 35 amazing examples of designing that were initially meant to be ingenious but turned out to be weird! Be careful: the article causes laughter, but it hurts!

35. It seems they don’t completely understand how kryptonite works.

34. Pikachu, what have they done to you?

33. Not the best carpet choice for stairs!

32. The blinds are just like the window!

31. It is strictly prohibited to slip on these stairs. Very strictly!

30. That is the weirdest sofa I have ever seen.

29. That’s what a door to nowhere looks like.

28. Great bathroom! You won’t be able to take a bath though.

27. Nemo is not what he used to be.

26. "This Shrek castle is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen."

25. Your kid looks really strange...

24. Moon prism power, make up! And give me some sedatives.

23. "They are simply playing jokes on us!"

22. "We are for the effective use of a bathroom space."

21. A protrusion in front of the stairs? Seriously?

20. Every battery should be inserted separately. Thank goodness we don’t need a separate screwdriver for each screw.

19. Have you tried it?

18. Stalls for short people only

17. This new generation of dolls definitely looks different.

16. "The beverage holders in my car were installed like this."

15. To enter or not to enter? That is the question!

14. Nobody is going to the 6th floor!

13. Is that the design of the future?

12. The builders didn’t understand the purpose of a ramp.

11. Do you have anything to defeat him?

10. When looking at this toilet, my head starts to spin around.

9. "The clock is behind the air conditioning system in my school."

8. Definitely not the best place to dry your hands!

7. This door will stay open forever.

6. It’s OK. It’s only a couple of centimeters!

5. Toilets are not the way they used to be.

4. Are these newlyweds really OK?

3. When you mix up not only the left and right sides but the back and front as well:

2. When you can’t decide which is cooler:

1. How do they help you see underwater?!

Have you ever met these kinds of designs? Let us know in the comments!

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