40+ extraordinary business card designs that you’ll never be able to forget

A business card doesn’t always have to be white rectangular piece of paper with just a colored logo and black letters printed on it. Be more creative — consider your business card idea as a great opportunity to use your imagination. Usually the most interesting business cards designs belong to small companies and individual businessmen who don’t have a big advertising budget, but still want to stand out as unique.

To create a very distinctive and unusual business card means using every material and technique possible: paper, plastic, additional elements and embellishments, embossing, different kinds of typography...Literally, anything.

We came up with the idea of creating the ultimate collection of business card designs, which includes 40+ of the most bizarre and extraordinary ideas we’ve ever seen. Now it’s your turn to match these guys’ creativity!

The universal business card


Roof manufacturer

Graphic designer

Personal trainer

Bang Your Own Drum stationary shop

For a yoga center

From a furniture store

From an IT-company


A 3D models shop

A shipping company

A grill bar

A food store

Survival training: an edible card made of dried meat

A Japanese business card ’Taberu Me’ — ’Eat Me’.

The owner’s details were printed using lasers.


A hair dresser’s

From a stylist: a useful card with a set of hair pins

Henkel adhesive representative

Red cross business cards

Second-hand furniture shop: information is stamped on the business cards of well-known furniture stores.

A relationship therapist: it heals broken hearts

Post-marriage counselling

From a designer:

the business card is hidden inside a traditional Chinese cookie




A personal trainer

A yoga center

A karate school

A design studio

An investment company

A ’Lawn’ company:

the business card is a small bag with grass seeds

From a gardener:

if you put the card into water, it will grow green ’hair’

An architecture school

From a graphic designer:

the card holds liquid similar to blood on the inside

A similar card with white liquid from Durex

Another graphic designer

And one more

Piano repair

A door production and installation company

A headhunter’s business card: an edible card that comes with the instruction (’Eat after reading’)

A second hand shop

A branding agency: a brand-doctor suggests medication to cure any brand ’disease’

A stamp print instead of a card: on the lipstick print you can read the name and phone number of a beauty salon.

Large format printing

The 3D-card of a 3D designer. Find your 3D glasses inside!

For a Greek restaurant: information is printed on what looks like a piece from a broken dish

A security consulting

An advertising agency

A proof-reader: a business card in the form of a pencil with a huge eraser

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