10 Mind-Blowing Foods You Won’t Believe Are Real

Progress doesn't stand still, and we can see confirmation of this every day and everywhere.

Bright Side collected 10 products and dishes that impress the imagination with their appearance, composition, or innovative technologies. Looking at them, you realize the future has already arrived.

10. Edible water bubbles that replace plastic bottles.

These bubbles called "Ooho!" are small portions of drinking water in a seaweed extract capsule. Unlike plastic bottles, the bubble can biodegrade in 4-6 weeks without any negative environmental consequences.

9. Black charcoal and almond ice cream.

This new black ice cream has already won the hearts of thousands with its exotic taste and extravagant design. It all started with this Los Angeles store.

8. Colorless coffee that saves your teeth from plaque.

If you cannot live without coffee, we have good news for you. Using unique technologies, London geniuses created colorless coffee. It has the same taste and caffeine but has a minimal effect on tooth enamel.

7. Vegetable patties that taste as good as real meat.

By their taste, smell, and texture these veggie patties by "Beyond Meat" are as good as real meat. They've become a hit as they contain a daily dose of protein and taste great to everyone.

6. A really healthy "large roll" from Hawaii.

"Poke" is a dish from the Hawaiian Islands. This yummy thing includes raw fish, vegetables, and fruit served in a small bowl or as a large roll. It's fresh, healthy, and doesn't require much cooking time. "Poke" is already served in California and New York.

5. Purple bread facilitating digestion.

Purple bread was created by scientists from the National University of Singapore. It's digested 20% slower than white bread as it contains lots of antioxidants extracted from black rice, giving the bread its color. This product is still under development.

4. Meat grown in a lab.

Despite animal welfare issues, many people cannot do without meat. This problem might be solved by means of artificial cultivation of cows' and bulls' muscle tissues. In 2013, the first high-tech burger was created at a cost of $325,000. Scientists are working on reducing the cost and hope to reach an acceptable price soon.

3. Bottled meals-to-go.

Soylent's slogan is "Food that frees you" - from the need to choose what to eat, calculating calories, and fear of ruining your diet. These futuristic drinks and bars contain all the nutrients our body needs. A solution for busy people who want to eat healthily.

2. Protein powder for sound sleep.

The problem of insomnia is extremely acute. The "Sleep Protein" company produces a protein powder containing 8 g of vegetable proteins and a lot of useful substances. The drink obtained by diluting it helps to calm, relax, and improve sleep quality.

1. Cheese that melts right in front of you.

Raclette is a Swiss dish rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. It's made of melted cheese which is cut off directly onto your plate. A sort of fondue in reverse. This dish became a real hit in New York.

Bonus: When a friend of yours brings you a supercake.

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