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Six seriously cool sites for those in need of handmade help and inspiration

A toy or a gift that we purchase in a store can never be compared with those we create with our own hands. Besides, what could be nicer than knowing that you made something entirely from scratch?

Bright Side put together a list of inspiring resources for people who are itching to create stuff, but still don't know where to begin.

Browse countless shops by fellow handicraft enthusiasts and independent artsy brands for inspiration. Maybe this is where you'll get an idea or even find like-minded partners for a quirky little shop of your own!

Type 'handmade' or similar keywords into the search bar, sit back, and feast your eyes on a selection of pretty and unusual items. As a rule, every image has either instructions enclosed or a link to the site where they can be found. Feel free to also pin inspiring images from all over the web to create your own moodboards.

The largest marketplace for handmade products. Painted light bulbs, vintage lace dresses, an exact replica of a Trojan Horse - they have it all. Well, aside from the Horse, maybe. Browse the shops for ideas and supplies, or show and sell your own stuff.

This site is full of ideas for handmade clothing, accessories, home decoration, stationery, gifts and many more. They're all so wonderful that you won't be able to pass up a chance to make something yourself! Especially since every idea is accompanied by detailed instructions and illustrations.

This one will help you turn your home into something incredibly quaint and cute. Each item comes with detailed instructions. The authors also made sure to include all the required fonts for your future posters, as well as printable designs for those jar labels you're planning on using in your kitchen.

A community-oriented marketplace for artists from across the globe. You can check out the latest trends, buy and sell stuff, or even put out an ad for a custom order. Podcasts, forums and articles will keep you in the loop and will make you feel connected to fellow handicraft enthusiasts.

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