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The 12 Most Bizarre Trending Ideas You’ve Ever Seen

Trendsetters are sometimes overly eager to get away from mediocrity. We at Bright Side gathered together a selection of 12 insane trends and their combinations that seem, well, just too much. Proceed with caution, and remember that it’s not clothes or a social following that make you unique.

12. Netted jeans

Among popular trends, there’s a net worn underneath tattered jeans. It’s especially fashionable if you have the elastic band of the pantyhose above the waistline of the jeans.

11. Cinderella shoes

Modern fashionistas can make their dream of wearing Cinderella’s shoes come true. Well, almost. They can’t be called comfortable or practical, but they sure look unusual.

10. Suspender jeans

These are probably the weirdest jeans we’ve ever seen. Or are they stockings? We don’t really know how to define them, but they do have one benefit: it’s easy to take them off.

9. An open-shoulder jacket

This jacket would perhaps go well with the jeans above. Rough denim plus open shoulders make it a choice for girls who are rebellious on the outside yet romantic on the inside.

8. Practical pantyhose

Pantyhose full of holes and runs have, all of a sudden, become a real trend. And it sure does make sense: nothing tears faster than nylon.

7. Pajama-style suits

Thanks to D&G, this style appeared in haute couture a few years ago. Some time later, these "pyjama suits" arrived in ordinary stores.

6. Crocs for the rich

No, it’s not that someone thought it would be funny to stick stones on to Crocs. These shoes are the work of British designer Christopher Kane.

5. Skirt pants

Wearing skirts or dresses along with jeans isn’t something new, but fashion bloggers note that it’s veiling and denim that are really hot this season.

4. Fur-lined shoes

Fur has always been an attribute of luxury, so today’s designers use it outside the traditional trade of fur coats.

3. A swimsuit for your face

This thing is called "facekini," and its purpose is to protect your face from the sun. A simple yet effective way to prevent early aging of the skin.

2. Teeth-soled shoes and sandwich flip-flops

Some truly eccentric stuff for the most courageous: these exotic items of "foodware" will leave everyone open-mouthed.

1. Fishy flip-flops

Not only fashion designers can be creative: these are not actual flip-flops, but part of an advertisement for an anti-fungal cream. Presumably, that’s what affected feet smell like.

Bonus: YouTube trends

It is quite insane how social media affects our lives. In our opinion, the most outrageous trends are faking eating foundation (putting caramel mousse on your tongue instead) and makeup hacks that go way too far: using sharp objects, like a kitchen knife, to separate lashes or to draw a perfect wing with your eyeliner.

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