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The 20+ Weirdest Inventions You’ve Ever Seen

Many people have strange fantasies from time to time. But only the bravest implement their ideas in real life and sell them for good money.

Bright Side made a collection of surprisingly strange goods. Looking at them for the first time, you’ll constantly ask yourself one question: “Whyyyyy?“ The second look will bring you to ”Should I buy them?"

Selfie spoon

Psychic Vampire Repellent

People say this potion takes bad vibes away and protects the owner’s aura from attacks.

A sexist doormat

Explicit shoes

Canned unicorn meat

"Magic in Every Bite." That’s right.


And it’s only 9 bucks. I’ll get 2!

Very soft furniture

Toilet paper that glows in the dark

The manufacturer says that this toilet paper saves energy because you won’t need to turn on the bathroom light. Well, there’s definitely something about it...

Artificial human fat

Nose basketball

Bacon-flavored lip balm

A nose-shaped shower gel dispenser

Manual Star Wars

Leggings, wearing which you’ll be ultimately nude.

A can of edible dried tarantula

"My husband just loves this product!" and 125 more positive comments on Amazon.

Stickers for exhausted office workers

A hat for an ear

Finger puppets for the friendliest people

"Sprout" hair clips

A shirt printed with the "Pile of Poo" emoji

Just a pair of cute gloves with fur

Warm and impressive.

Chewing money box

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