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Your vacation may look like this in 30 years

Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the future, especially when the greatest scientific minds or the wonderfully talented sci-fi writers describe how it might look. All these theories and visions of the future are often better than the pictures our own imagination shows us.

We at Bright Side are extremely interested in some of these ideas. Maybe they’ll come true in the future?

A perfect airliner for traveling

Eric Almas designed an ecologically clean and noiseless airship with a transparent top that lets people sunbathe and swim during the flight.

Floating ecopolis

Lilypad, a floating city project by Vincent Callebaut, is an answer to the important question about the rise in ocean levels. This perfect city can accommodate 50,000 people. It runs on renewable energy sources (wind, sunlight, tidal forces, and other alternative energy sources), and even collects rainwater.

This city has workplaces for everyone, as well as shopping, relaxation, and entertainment areas. This is probably one of the best ways to live in harmony with nature!

Flying gardens

As it turns out, many of us dream about a clean and healthy planet, and this idea proves it. Aerostation and gardening are the key words in another project by Vincent Callebaut. His future creation — Hydrogenase — is a hybrid of a skyscraper, airship, bioreactor, and hanging gardens for cleaning the air.

The boomerang

It’s a kind of mobile port which can replace a whole resort with its entertainment options. Boomerang is almost a real island, and it has its own energy source.

The superyacht

To create this yacht, designer Zaha Hadid took inspiration from the underwater world. There she saw the structures and forms she needed, and she used them in her creative work. This yacht reminds one of an exoskeleton, and it looks really impressive both inside and outside.

A deluxe cruise airship

It looks like it came to us from Star Wars, but with good intentions. The goal that designer Mac Byers pursued was to create a comfortable mode of transport for traveling where people could completely relax.

It looks pretty futuristic inside. There’s a lot of space, bright colors, and impressive views of the landscape. Couldn’t you just fall in love with it? This project gives us a chance to take a fresh look at airships.

A controlled tropical island

This miracle was created by the London company Yacht Island Design. It seems to be a real floating tropical island, which, by the way, has its own waterfall, a swimming pool with a transparent bottom, and even a small volcano.

Streets of Monaco

Here’s another project by Yacht Island Design, which lovers of Monaco might like. This luxury ship includes several well-known sights of Monaco: the luxury Hôtel de Paris, the Monte Carlo Casino, the restaurant Café de Paris, and even a go-cart track which looks like the Grand Prix route in Monaco.

A giant city ship

How about a huge floating city? Here’s Atlantis II, which could be compared in size with New York City’s Central Park. The idea really surprises us with its scope.

A green island that purifies freshwater

Physalia is a floating garden that was designed to purify rivers and provide everyone with freshwater of great quality. The ship is equipped with a biofilter and uses its gardens to clean the water.

In addition, this perfect green island with clean air can be a great resort.

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