10 Cool Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your House

Professional designers have several simple tips on how to transform your home into a work of art affordably and in no time.

Bright Side wants to share a few designer tricks so you too can do a home interior makeover and personalize it to your style.

10. Accent wall

To make your room colorful and exciting, it's not necessary to paint every wall. Simply paint one wall, or decorate it with wood panels.

9. Transparent furniture

This trick works especially well for small studio apartments because transparent furniture creates the illusion of extra space, adding a light and airy feeling to your interior design.

8. DIY ordinary furniture into designer pieces

With a bucket of paint and a few wood blocks, you can transform the simplest furniture into a designer piece. It will also be one of a kind.

7. Mirror framed as a window

A mirror made to resemble a window not only helps visually create more space but also makes a room lighter, especially if placed across from an actual window.

6. Plants

Plants bring life to the most boring home designs and also significantly improve the microclimate in a room. You can place them in different corners of the room or group them together on one shelf.

5. Books as a design element

No need to hide your books in bookcases: their colorful spines will serve as a wonderful decoration. They can be showcased on the most unusual surfaces, even inside an old radiator.

4. Different chairs

Having identical chairs around your dining table is an old-fashioned and boring way to go. Decorators now suggest bringing different chairs into the same design: the main trick is to make sure they all work well together. For example, they can be of the same color or have a similar design.

3. Unusual lighting

Simple fairy lights can be turned into far more than a source of light. For instance, they can become an unusual canvas for polaroid photos.

2. Room dividers

A room divider is a great way to separate your space into several cozy areas. Besides, a divider does not have to be built from scratch: you can use a storage cabinet with open shelves.

1. A cozy window seat

The space by your window is the perfect place for relaxing. It could be a storage bench or a full sofa, where you can curl up with a good book or nap.


In addition, if you really love nature, you can incorporate it into your design. For instance, use wooden elements in your furniture, hang a wall mural with a forest theme, or build a hanging bed for an outdoorsy feel.

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