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10 Ways to Visually Enlarge a Small Room

True, we cannot move walls with a wave of the hand. But we can create optical illusions that'll help to visually enlarge even the smallest of living spaces.

Today Bright Side offers you a selection of color schemes that'll allow you to easily transform your room, no matter how cramped it might seem at the moment!

In a bright environment, a colored floor helps to "push" the walls further apart and make the room look visually taller and wider.

Opting for a bright and saturated color not just for the floor but for the ceiling as well will help create the impression of a wide environment. However, this will also make the ceiling look lower.

Choosing the same color for the rear wall and the floor will make the room seem more airy.

Using the same color scheme for the rear wall and the ceiling also makes the room appear wider but visually reduces its depth.

Another way to "push" the side walls wider apart is to reduce the depth of the room. This can be achieved by using a bright color to highlight the rear wall.

Conversely, you can reduce the width and increase the depth by using a saturated color to highlight the room's side walls.

If the problem is low ceilings, you can remedy the situation by choosing bright, saturated colors for the room's side and rear walls. This will visually reduce the depth and width in favor of height.

Choosing bright colors isn't the only way to increase the impression of spaciousness. Image patterns can help as well. To make your room seem more airy, use light-colored wallpaper with a small pattern design.

In some rooms, the ceilings might seem too high. Horizontal stripes will make your ceiling appear lower while slightly reducing the room's depth.

Vertical stripes, on the contrary, can help "raise" a low ceiling.

If you want to make your room look wider and reduce its depth, horizontal stripes on the floor will help achieve the desired effect.

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