11 Items for Your Home That Will Make You Sigh With Relief

They say that lazy people are a driver for progress: they come up with inventions that make our lives less of an effort. It must be at least partially true, so we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you  lazybones for making our experiences easier.

Bright Side decided to delve into the newest inventions for the home and chose those that we feel are really essential.

11. Food nitrate tester

As the old saying rightly goes, "We are what we eat." This still holds true today, especially now that manufacturers add a lot of toxic stuff to food to make it look fresh. You can’t save on your health, though, and this tester will help you find out what you’re going to ingest.

10. Wine thermometer

You surely know that wine should be served at a certain temperature. For white wine it’s 8-10°С (46-50°F); for red wine, it’s 12-17°С (53-63°F). 2 questions arise: why is this convenient device still absent from common stores? And why have wine lovers still not lobbied for their interests?

9. Foam-generating beer mug

For many people, the most delicious thing about beer is the soft foam surging on top of the beverage. With this mug, you’ll have as much foam as you want – or even more.

8. Drain hair cleaner

Men of the world, unite! We address in particular those that have to clean up the bathroom. You’re surely annoyed by women’s long hair penetrating into every corner of your house and clogging everything that gets in their way. This wondrous cleaner will help you solve that problem at last and make you a little happier.

7. Facial hair shaving apron

Sometimes men take revenge by pulling the wool over our eyes and the entire bathroom. This can also be managed with this ingenious cape. We promise you’re going to love it.

6. Folding stool

This fantastically lightweight folding item of furniture is simply a must-have piece in any apartment – especially in the cramped kind where a ruthless war breaks out over every square inch of space. It can turn into a bench, or a stool, or a coffee table. We’re inclined to think this is some kind of magic!

5. Kids’ shower cap

This superhat is 100% guaranteed to prevent shampoo getting into your child’s eyes, which will turn bathing and showering into a much more enjoyable experience – for both of you.

4. Foot size measurer

Oh, the fun of measuring your kid’s foot with a ruler or outlining it on a piece of paper! You can, of course, ignore this item and have a bit of fun time. Or you can settle that question forever with this measurer.

3. Dog selfie stick

If you have a dog and your dream is to become a cool dog blogger, you’re definitely going to need this unusual selfie stick. Even if you only want regular dog photos, you’re going to need it anyway. Solution: just buy it already.

2. Back seat cover for pets

Tired of your dear pet’s hair and saliva on your back seat? Fed up of cleaning the car through and through every time you have to take your cat or dog somewhere? It’s high time you acquired this waterproof back seat cover.

1. Pelvic muscle exerciser

This compact and simple-to-use exerciser will help you tighten the muscles on your thighs, buttocks, or even arms. Made from polypropylene-coated steel, it is highly adjustable and suitable for both men and women.

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