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12 Reasons Why It’s Better to Clean Less Often

94% of people in the world believe that it is very important to maintain cleanliness in your home, according to statistics. Several hours are spent on cleaning weekly. But it turns out that you can get rid of part of this annoying drudgery.

We at Bright Side turned to scientific research and feel eager to please everyone who is tired of everyday drudgery. Good news: it’s OK to exclude some household chores from the list of things to be done weekly.

It’s harmful to iron some things.

  • Ironing sheets and pillowcases is quite a tiring activity and scientists claim that it’s unnecessary to waste your time and energy on it. Sheets and duvet covers that have been ironed don’t absorb moisture as well and breathe as well. The reason is because ironing changes the structure of the cloth. Washing loosens the fibers, and iron pressure compresses them at high temperatures. As a result, a person doesn’t sleep as well on ironed bed linens.
  • Avid fans of order tend to iron towels too. You can cross this drudgery off your list as well. If you do to kill bacteria, it’s better to simply wash your towels at high temperatures. Remember to stay away from fabric softener — towels tend to absorb water worse after being washed with it.
  • There are still many debates about whether there is a need to iron baby clothes at high temperatures. Young mothers are the main supporters in these disputes. However, both supporters and opponents have their own arguments. Steam is able to kill bacteria, but the baby doesn’t need excessive sterility. One might iron babies’ clothes during the first couple of months after their birth, but it’s not necessary for kids of older ages.

A cleaning that is too thorough can be hazardous to your health.

  • By trying to clean your house and make it sparkling, not only do you waste your energy but you also harm the health of the inhabitants of the house, especially the kids. A certain number of microorganisms are necessary for immunity to form. Ever since household detergents have appeared in our lives, allergy diagnoses have gone way up.
  • You don’t need to use a detergent everywhere. Check whether the detergent you are going to use contains triclosan. It’s prohibited in some countries because there is a risk of the appearance of hormonal disorders and allergies.
  • Many people are used to thinking that the toilet is the dirtiest place in the house. In fact, this is not true — it is enough to wash it with a disinfectant just once a week. It is better to spend the time you save wiping the handles of your kitchen taps: they have 44 times more microbes.
  • If you’re continuously washing the apartment and dishes you might end up getting contact dermatitis. This skin irritation is a reaction to water and chemical elements that various detergents contain. It’s totally ok to feel a bit lazy about cleaning for the sake of your health.

Do less of what requires serious physical exertion.

  • Uncomfortable poses that you have to get into while trying to clean hard-to-reach places are a risk factor for those who have issues with blood pressure. This is especially true of household chores, in which blood rushes to the head.
  • Do you wash the floor with your hands while crawling on your knees? Give up this bad habit. It can lead to problems with joints. It’s not for nothing that bursitis, or inflammation of the prepatellar bursa, was once called “housemaid’s knee.”
  • Those who have problems with eyesight should consider giving up washing the floor with their hands too. Doctors don’t recommend that those who have short-sightedness do things where they have to bend over. Otherwise, they could end up with serious consequences such as retinal detachment.

Share the duties.

  • If you live with a partner, share your household duties with them without any hesitation. Research shows that men still do fewer household chores than women. At the same time, sharing the duties equally affects family life in a positive way. You shouldn’t have to do more than 60% of the chores.
  • It’s harmful to combine career and household drudgery. As you are worried about getting to the shop to buy products after work, cooking dinner, and cleaning the house, your blood pressure increases and your body reacts to this stress. Therefore, leave unpleasant thoughts aside and leave the scattered kids’ toys where they are, at least you’ll stay in a good mood.

Bonus: Walk around in the autumn leaves instead of cleaning your country house.

  • If you have planned to clean your country house during the nearest weekend, drop the idea of raking autumn leaves away from your yard. In recent years, there have been many talks about the usefulness and positive ecologic aspects of keeping leaves on the ground. By rotting, they make the soil more fruitful. Moreover, a thick layer of leaves protects some plants and useful insects during cold times.

We are already thinking about how we are going to spend our free from cleaning time. The only thing left to decide is at what age we need to stop ironing baby clothes. When did you and your friends stop ironing your baby’s clothes?

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