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12 simple but brilliant ways to make your home cozier

Sometimes, just one small detail can drastically change the whole interior of a room, and help create a unique and inspiring atmosphere at home. Bright Side collected some brilliant ideas which will give your home more personality and its own unique charm.

Wall stickers

If you aren’t confident with your painting skills, you can buy one of these beautiful wall stickers in the shape of a tree in a special art shop. You can also hang your family photos on the ’’branches’’.

Drawing on the fridge

A fridge like this will not only be pleasing to your eyes every day but also make your kitchen look truly unique.

Colorful wallpapers

Unique photographic wallpaper can let you ''travel'' to any place on the planet, or even turn the world upside down.

Wall painting stencils

Simple stencils in the shape of clouds or raindrops can really add a little magic to the kids' rooms.

Chair cushions

These soft and colorful cushions can make any kitchen or dining room feel cozy and comfy.

Creative photo frames

There are plenty of interesting ways to arrange photos in your room. Try one of these to surprise your family!

Unusual lampshade covers

You can easily make a creative lampshade cover and paint it as you wish. 

Decorative pillows

You can make knitted and stitched pillows or even one that looks like a doll. They serve as striking interior details which will definitely draw the attention of all your guests.

Wall panels

Wall panels always look nice in any home. You can try to make them by yourself - it isn't as difficult as it looks!

Unique flower pots

There are lots of ways to make a flower pot play the role of a ’’spotlight’ in your room, regardless of what’s growing inside!

Embroidered pictures

A little free time and imagination are all you need to create cute and funny decorations like these ones.

Be creative! You can make something unusual using even clothes pegs...

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