12 superb design ideas to make the most of your space

For all of us, home is much more than just a building. It is where we feel secure and loved. But sometimes, if not properly designed, it can be stifling and even depressing.  At such moments, you feel a strong desire to change something in your living space, to make it look more spacious and airy.

We at Bright Side have prepared some useful and clever interior design tricks that will make small-space living more of a joy than a pain. You'll definitely figure out a few tips that will work for you.

Mirrored furniture

Adding mirror panels to built-in cupboard or closet doors will add depth to any room, making it look far more spacious and bright. But be careful — too many mirrors can turn your room into a dance studio.

Light-colored walls

It's true that dark, warm colors can create a cozy, comfortable look in your bedroom. But, on the other hand, they make it feel smaller as well. If you are a happy owner of a big apartment, feel free to experiment with dark tones. But if your space is small in terms of square footage, use white or light colors for your interior. Believe us or not, turning the bedroom into a chamber fit for king is easier than it seems.

Glass furniture

Glass furniture is a wonderful way to create a sense of space in your home, making it an ideal option for a tiny room or small kitchen.  Decorating your interior with glass surfaces makes it appear airy and weightless. And despite a widespread belief, such furniture pieces are no less functional or qualitative than wooden ones.

Multi-functional sofa

Who on earth would refuse taking a nap on a soft bed? Unfortunately, such a luxury is hardly available for those who live in a small apartment. But don't worry — a cozy multi functional sofa will make an excellent alternative to a double bed. In fact, modern sofas are so comfortable that you will not want to get of it in the morning. 

Lightweight curtains

Rooms bathed in sunlight look larger and brighter. Bring natural light to your world by hanging airy curtains over your windows. Just imagine what a magic romantic glow your weightless tulle will have at certain times of the day, waving from the warm summer breeze. And forget about dark ruffled velvet curtains or your room will resemble Dracula's chamber.

Proper interior lighting

Proper interior lighting can also make a huge difference in adding extra space to your room. The main rule is quite simple: the more light, the better. You can use everything you want, from luxurious chandeliers to stylish wall lamps. Just make sure that the lamps you choose fit the overall style of the space. And one more tip: feel free to use circular ceiling light fixtures. They make an ideal solution for small or low spaces.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Almost every house has a room filled with tons of useless junk, like souvenirs, vases, magazines and other unnecessary things that shouldn't be there. Sometimes it's hard to get rid of stuff that you have collected over the years, but you should do it. In fact, decluttering will not just make your living space feel more spacious, but it will improve your spirits as well.


If you can't bring yourself to throw unnecessary stuff out, just hide it. A stylish cabinet, the color of which fits the interior design, will add décor to your space and will make it brighter and more spacious. This will give you a way to keep your favorite things always at hand without turning your room into a giant litter box.

Wall murals

Do you think photo murals are old-fashioned? It's not true. Wall murals, when well chosen and placed on the wall, can not only create a stunning and unique decoration but can visually expand the space as well. Please note: to get a great result, you should install the wall murals on the wall against which a room's focal element will be placed. With such a trick, you will be able to liven up any room. 

Multi level ceilings

If you want your ceiling to appear higher and become a focal point for people entering the room, just redesign it. Adding decorative panels to your ceiling will allow you to both visually increase its height and hide all sorts of surface irregularities. If you want to make the room more original, why not to experiment with a ceiling colors? Try to combine different shades together and choose the most unusual lamps.

Space-saving furniture

Filling a small space with huge velvet sofas and armchairs is not trendy any more. No matter how expensive or timely your furniture is, you will make a big mistake trying to put big, voluminous pieces into a confined area. If you often receive guests, think about having a corner sofa instead of 2 separate sofas. It takes up less space while providing a large, comfortable seating area.

Pictures on the wall

Putting too many pictures of different sizes on your walls can give your room a messy look, distract attention and significantly reduce the amount of costly space. It is much better to hang only one large painting in a certain wall space. This trick is sure to brighten up your room, making it feel more airy and spacious. Unleash your imagination and don't be afraid of changes.

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