14 ingenious ways to turn old kitchen utensils into stylish home items

14 ingenious ways to turn old kitchen utensils into stylish home items

Have you ever had the desire to clean out all the wardrobes, drawers and shelves in your home and throw away all the unnecessary stuff you've accumulated over the years? We've all had this urge at some point, but most of us nevertheless continue to store lots of unwanted things at home, hoping that they may one day come in handy. Well, if you can't let your things go or simply don't want to, then why not reuse them for another purpose!  

We here at Bright Side have put together a list of creative ideas that will give you some inspiration in finding new uses for old cutlery and crockery. So, the next time you head to the garbage bin with things you want to throw away, check out our tips first to see if you can reuse them for something else.

A fruit bowl

Make a unique fruit bowl out of unused cutlery and it will serve as a great centrepiece on any kitchen table. All that you will need is some super glue, lots of old spoons and forks, and some pliers to give your bowl the desired shape. Click here for details.

A lamp

Fire up your imagination and start creating! You can transform an old kitchen colander into a cool lamp shade. It looks stunning, doesn't it? Detailed instructions can be found here.

'Smart' holders

The lid from an old sugar bowl can easily be transformed into unique and useful multi-purpose holders. From scissors to pencils and even towels, this unusual holder can be used for hanging and storing almost any small item. It will also add a touch of style to your room. Click here for details.

Tiny flower pots

Make tiny flower pots to adorn your interior space. For this you'll need some wine corks, some tiny magnets to attach the pots to a magnetic surface, a teaspoon for watering and, of course, the plants themselves. But bear in mind: since succulents (e.g. cactus, aloe vera) don't need much water, they make the best choice for planting in the cork containers. In case you want to buy a ready made succulent plant, visit this website.

The base for a floor lamp

Don't throw away the remains of the tea or coffee set just yet - use them for something else instead. Just drill holes on the bottom sides of each cup, combine them using a glue or adhesive, and put the lamp on top.

Wall lights

Make a unique lampshade using an unused teacup, and it will definitely be a talking point in your kitchen. 

Don’t throw that old rusty grill away - plant something in it instead! In fact, grills are adorable when planted with herbs. Click here for detailed information.

Pin cushions

Keep your sewing machine needles and other small items organized by making pretty doodad pin cushions out of old, small jars. Click here for instructions.


Do you want an unusual design idea that will look stunning in your kitchen? Take some old metal forks and make pretty-looking and unique wall hooks out of them. Using a hammer and some pliers, you can bend the forks to create almost any shape. And don't forget to drill a pilot hole for the screw. Check out this blog for other ideas.

A hanging teacup display

You can use teacups not only for what they were actually meant for. This beautiful hanging teacup display, for example, will look gorgeous in any interior. Just glue the tea cup to each dessert plate and attach them to a wooden shelf. Click here for inspiration.

A table lamp

A table lamp like this will definitely help bring more warmth and comfort to your room. 

A teapot lamp

If you're a creative and organized person, try to create a striking and original teapot lamp like this. They look really amazing! Click here to get even more ideas.

A chandelier

Using just forks and spoons, you'll be able to create a wonderful Gothic chandelier. Amazing and unique, this decoration won't go unnoticed by your guests.

Decorations for a romantic dinner

Simple yet stylish, romantic decoration like this will definitely get your beloved in the mood for a great evening in. Simply insert some fairy light into a bottle with the plug hanging out the top. Ta-da! The unique decoration is ready. Click here to get even more inspiration.

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