15+ Awesome Children’s Room Ideas That Can Make You Want to Be a Kid Again

Studies have shown that people who had a happy childhood have stronger physical and mental health than other adults. A cool room, for example, like one with a Batman cave or one with a Narnia wardrobe, will definitely leave the most pleasant memories for the child (and their parents).

We at Bright Side gathered 15+ design ideas for a child’s bedroom. And they can take you back to childhood.

1. A self-made spaceship with a control panel, for the future NASA astronaut

2. A huge secret treehouse sticker can make an attic playroom seem even cooler than it already is.

3. A snowy mountain installation can make any room cozier.

4. A climbing wall could be a great idea for active kids.

5. A balloon bed, for true adventure dreams

6. A cabin in the autumn forest

7. Solar system, with a homemade rocket and satellite for a real dreamer

8. These shelves are enough to make every Super Mario Bros. fan go crazy.

9. This Cinderella carriage will help your little girl fall asleep before midnight.

10. We’re not sure who this Narnia wardrobe was built for: kids or tired parents.

11. Kid’s house, kid’s rules

12. A room with yellow submarine and Beatles songs

13. First wigwam for the little backpacker

14. Let your kid catch some nature vibes.

15. The parents will be Alfreds for the little Batman in this lair.

16. The safest car in the world

17. Just add a trident and call him Neptune...

18. Floral double bed for 2 fairies

19. One day, your chick will leave the nest. Build them an airplane to make that trip amazing.

Which one would you choose for your kid, or even yourself? Share your favorite designs with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit cedarworks.com
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