15 Clever Key Holders You Need to Never Lose Your Keys Again!

If you’re starting the New Year with the resolution to become more organized, we have just the trick for you. Finding and then re-finding your keys is one of the most laborious tasks we have to endure every day, but these ingenious key holders are a fabulous solution to this issue. Bright Side presents you with 15 key holders that you’ll thank us for later!

1. The One With the Honeycomb

For the busy bees among us, this eco-friendly honeycomb magnetic key holder arrives with five magnetic hooks of a hexagon shape that effortlessly fit into place, just like you do at home. Made from high-quality bamboo and with a minimalist finish, this holder is the bee's knees!

2. The One With the Lego

Lego enthusiasts unite! For the big kid inside you, this Lego key holder is a playful way of displaying your keys with a message of your choice. You could even put a "Don’t forget" reminder on this one.

3. The One With the Driftwood

If you live near the beach, you’ll appreciate the joy of finding a chance piece of driftwood washed up on the shore. This beautiful solution can be paired with a nautical theme, which is popular in most modern homes, and it is easy to adapt with hooks. See how to adapt it here.

4. The One With the Hotel Theme

Travel back in time with this vintage hotel-inspired key holder. Traditional in looks, this antique-styled rack is a simple design for an old-fashioned home. If you really want to go all out, add room numbers and name tags!

5. The One With the Fairy Tale

If whimsy is your forte or you’re just a fan of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, then these doorknob key holders are for you. Replicating a traditional handle from the 19th century, these spruced-up holders not only display your keys but are a fashionable place for your handbag as well!

6. The One With the Dock and Key

We love a day on the water, so this Under Dock and Key Holder is on us. Simply hook the boat keychain onto your keys, and watch it slide into the bay.

7. The One With the Garage

As clever key holders go, this car and garage one by industrial designer Andre Rumann wins the race every time! Utilizing a playful design, this functional container allows for the car, van, or VW bus to be inserted at any point of the day and is the perfect gift for motor enthusiasts!

8. The One With the Upcycling

Make a small change to a plain tennis ball by cutting a slit for a mouth with a knife and sticking on googly eyes! Not only will you remember to pick up your keys, but you’ll have a laugh too.

9. The One With the Tune

Clip your everyday objects to these piano keys for an entertaining and visually stimulating accessory.

10. The One With the Plumage

Playful and kinetic, the Peacock Key Holder displays a blue and green accessory that fans open its plumage when you arrive with your key. Slot the key into its underbelly to watch the plumage expand.

11. The One With the Romance

For the hopeless romantics among us, this quirky holder is a must for your joint home. Distinguish which keys are which with the female and male design, eliminating the issue of mixing your keys!

12. The One With the Face

No longer will you forget your glasses or keys, two of the most common forgotten objects known to man! Sitting neatly on a hallway table, rather than on the wall, this eccentric holder comes in a variety of color combinations and can hang keys from the tip of its curled mustache.

13. The One With the Wrench

Any DIY fan will understand the significance of this tool. Remember where your important items are with this industrial house decoration.

14. The One With the Croc

The Cantankerous Crocodile Wall Pocket is ready to gobble up your keys and clean up your clutter! This fun and functional sculpture is a must-have item to please kids and double as a handy key holder.

15. The One With the Amp

Become a rock star with this Marshall amp key holder. Designed to fit four sets of keys, the alternative rack adds volume to the start of the day!

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