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15 Things That Can Take Your Home to the Next Level

Nowadays you can upgrade your home easily and, more importantly, on a budget! 20 years ago we couldn’t even imagine that we could make our homes so comfortable and safe by just using modern tricks that help us to save money and our nerves. And these can definitely help you increase the value of your home, which can either build equity or make it more profitable when you go to sell it.

We at Bright Side found 15 things that will help you to manage your house easily without spending lots of money.

1. Portable shelves and tables will help you with managing space in a small room.

If you don’t have much space at home, portable shelves and tables are the best solution. You can organize a small space for an office or just for decorative purposes. For example, it can be helpful if you have old books or vases that you don’t want to throw away or if you need a table for working on your laptop.

2. A portable office on your balcony will make your workspace more pleasant.

If you have an open balcony, don’t hesitate to create a special table that has the option of protecting itself from the sun. If you work with a laptop or have cold drinks, your stuff will be protected.

3. Light controls on your smartphone can manage light brightness and even turn your lights on and off.

Yes! You don’t need to get up from your bed anymore to turn off the light. Just install the proper device at home and an application on your phone and play with your lights however you want.

4. French door locks will protect your house better.

If you go on vacation but are afraid to leave your beautiful home, this French door lock will be a perfect additional security measure. It’s better to have it and feel safe, especially if you have big French doors.

5. A motion activated bed light will protect against stumbling.

We guess that each of us has, at least once in life, gotten up from the bed at night for some reason. And it is always so dark! But it’s worse to turn on a main light because it will make you immediately feel super awake or wake up your partner. A motion activated bed light is a great solution. It starts working when you move your legs and the light is not bright enough that it would wake you or your sleeping partner up.

6. This toothbrush dispenser will ease the squeeze.

Many of us hate when toothpaste is almost gone and we have to press it very hard. Or we have kids who squeeze too much toothpaste from the tube. This dispenser will help to solve all of these problems and will also organize your space in the bathroom.

7. A space-saving PowerTech pop-up will help solve the problem with wires.

The PowerTech pop-up module is a great space-saving solution for your home! You can customize it with the best combination of sockets and USB ports to charge your devices and stop suffering with a billion wires around you. It can be especially useful in the kitchen.

8. A toilet bowl night light will help you find your way around the bathroom in the dark.

No more being lost on the way to the toilet at night or in the early in the morning. This simple but great device will upgrade your bathroom without spending any crazy money.

9. A portable TV easel will save space and money.

Sometimes we encounter the problem of where to put our TV. Tables can be super expensive and massive and attaching it to a wall is not always a good decision. An easel can be a good option. You can regulate the height, move the TV to another room, and change the angle easily.

10. Lockitron can help if you forget to lock the door.

No more worries that you forgot to lock the door! Just control the safety of your place from a distance with Lockitron. It can even help you if you forget your keys. Super useful!

11. Nebia will reduce water consumption by 70%.

This is the new generation of an amazing and smart shower that makes you feel like you are in a spa! The Nebia Shower produces warm steam and spray instead of flowing water. It leverages advances in design that save you thousands of gallons of water a year. Maybe you’ll pay for it at first when buying it, but over a couple of years, it will pay for itself.

12. “Ecobee4 is more than a smart thermostat.”

It’s not just a thermostat! It’s your daily assistant! Ecobee4 has a room sensor that helps to manage cold and hot spots by reading the temperature and detecting occupancy. It has a voice service for hands-free control. And, you can ask it to do tasks like turning on the music or reminding you of something.

13. Welcome, from Nitatmo, will alert you “if an intruder breaks into your home.”

This is awesome and provides more security and modernization for your home! This indoor camera recognizes faces and works without any extra charges or fees. Just receive alerts to your smartphone to help you keep an eye on kids, elderly parents, or pets.

14. A weighted blanket can help you sleep better.

If you are tired of sleepless nights and insomnia, try a weighted blanket. A new and better sleeping experience is guaranteed for you. It’s a combination of technology and art. Weighted blankets may also help as a therapy for people with anxiety, autism, ADHD, or just stress.

15. A central vacuum will make cleaning faster.

This central vacuum is called Sweepovac and it helps to remove your floor sweepings in seconds. Sweepovac is easy to fit and use. It also has replacement vacuum bags. Each person will definitely be happy to have it at home!

Do you use any of these ideas at your place? Please leave a comment and share projects that have improved your home.

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