18 Stunning Designs of Children’s Rooms Even Adults Would Like to Live In

Designing a child’s room is not an easy task because you need to find enough space for games, storage, sleeping, and studying all in one room. And the task becomes even harder when you realize that ideally, the room should also look good and it should resonate with the child’s interests. However, many parents and designers manage to find a compromise between beauty and functionality and they come up with interiors that even adults would like to live in.

Bright Side has collected ideas on room designs for small children and teenagers that you can implement yourself.


If your child loves space, you can fit the entire Solar system into their room.

Sea world

You can turn your child’s bedroom into a sea world by painting the walls as shown in the picture and turning the bed into a boat.

The Jungle

Such a nature-like design is great for active children: lots of free space and places to climb.

A room for twins

If you don’t have much space in your kids’ room but you need to place 2 beds, you can place them as they are in the picture. And the green color makes the room brighter!


The combination of a dark blue wall, a picture of a bear that appears to turn the light on, and silver and gold stars can turn a standard room into a real dream world.

Fortress bed

drawing on the wall and a bed that looks like a fortress is a dream of every child who loves tales and adventure.


Paint, brushes, masking tape, and some time are all the things you need to create a mountain landscape on the wall.

A bed for 4 children

Making such a bed yourself is not easy but the result is truly worth it because every child gets their own space.

A loft for a teenager

Almost any teenager will love the minimalism: there are no useless things in this room and the bed is in the air.

A room under a dome

Turning a regular room into a circus is not hard: all you need is red paint, a masking tape, and a little patience.


One triple-bunk bed instead of 3 separate beds can help you save the space and make the room more stylish.

Country style

The color white is a great solution for a child’s room because it makes the space brighter and visually wider. And an unusual house-shaped bed is something that both teenagers and children will love.

For Harry Potter fans

You don’t have to be an artist in order to turn a regular wall into a magic one: even a child can draw stars and planets and using a template while you can write the words on the wall.

A house in the jungle

Even if you live in a big city, you can still feel as if you live in the jungle — you just need the right wallpaper and bedsheets that will take you to the farthest corners of the planet.

Alien invasion

Despite the simple furniture, it’s quite clear that this is a child’s room thanks to the unusual drawing on the wall.

A room for 2

Any child’s room needs a combination of beauty and functionality. Such a construction helps combine the sleeping area, a playground, and a storage area.

A house for games and studies

You can place such a house not only in a child’s room but also in the living room. Your children will have their own area where they can do their homework and play under the supervision of their parents.


blue-and-white room is a great example of a child’s area that doesn’t have to be very bright. This design is also great because it can work for children and teenagers.

Do you want to use any of these ideas? Tell us in the comment section below.

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