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19 Ways to Make a Garden in Your House

Bright Side offers you several ideas which will turn even a small balcony into your personal paradise.

Climbing plants

If you want your balcony garden to look beautiful not only inside, but also outside, choose climbing plants. They will create the feeling that you live in a tropical forest. And passers-by will feel the same way when looking at it!

A garden in flowerpots

If you have a tiny balcony and no desire to spend money on garden planters, then simple flowerpots will help you to create a green area in your house and save you money. You can take some plants from your apartment and place them in these pots. You can also grow herbs here. To attach the pots to the walls and railings, use special cachepots and thick wire.

Windowsills for beautiful compositions

Windowsills are a pretty convenient place for complex flower compositions. If you want your flowers to look more original, you can add in something a pumpkin or artificial fruit.

Pots reminding you of your vacation

Some pebbles and stones that you’ve brought back from vacation can become a great material to transform your boring flowerpots. Your city balcony will turn into the Mediterranean!

Large plants

A large plant in a corner of your balcony is a good way to create a feeling of a real garden. Even the smallest balcony will become brighter and more cozy. Choose any plant you can grow in your conditions and that’s it! Now you can relax next to it with a cup of tea.

Flying plants

Every plant can fly. To make them do it, you can buy special materials in a gardening shop. For example, jute and moss, which you can use instead of flowerpots. They don’t let water out, and they give the plants all they need for normal growth. This allows you to hang plants of all sizes on the walls, ceiling, and balcony railings.

Wicker baskets

A great way to give your balcony garden some rural chic in the Provence style! Wicker baskets and flowerpots of all shapes will surely create a cozy atmosphere. The main thing is to leave a plastic planter or a piece of breathable film between the baskets and the soil.

Mini kitchen garden

Even if you have a small balcony, you can find a place for a mini vegetable garden. You can also grow herbs for tea and greens for salads in cans. Hang them on railings or walls, or just put them on the floor or on flower stands.

A vertical garden in your house

If you make a little effort, you can have a real pergola for one of the walls. You can use furrings or bamboo poles and hang your plants there. Choose any flowerpot you like, including long planters and small plastic bottles.

Soup bowls are not only for soup

Common soup bowls can be useful if you have a small balcony. Your violets and other small plants and herbs will look good in them.

Live installation

For those who don’t like the look of plants, but do like green balconies, these installations are perfect. A simple plastic box and easy-to-keep cactuses can turn into a beautiful composition for a mini garden. Statuettes and pebbles will add some charm.

Old furniture

Let me introduce...a tin bucket

Rubber boots for your favorite petunia

These old bright rubber boots are perfect for moisture-loving plants. Such a ’pot’ doesn’t let water out and at the same time provides a plant with the air it needs. And, as a bonus, it looks beautiful and unusual.

A teapot is not just for a tea party

A house often accumulates a record number of teapots of different colors and shapes that we don’t use. It’s time we turned them into flowerpots!

A wooden pallet stand

Nowadays pallets are widely used in garden design. On the balcony you can use them to make a multilayer stand for small plants and herbs. Original, simple, cheap — isn’t it perfect?

Almost real grass under your feet

If you want your mini garden to remind you of a real countryside paradise, you can cover the floor with artificial grass. Choose a plastic or a fabric grass depending on whether your balcony is glassed-in or not.

Easy care unusual plants

Trachyandra and Haworthia сooperi are native to South Africa, so they very tolerant of underwatering and look brilliant.

The best decoration for your garden

Do you imagine a balcony garden without your pet? Cats simply love the beauty, flowers and butterflies of your bright garden. The main thing is to make sure that your garden isn’t a place for hunting and games with butterflies and leaves.

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