20 amazing space-themed interior design ideas for die-hard astronomy fans

To add a little bit of the cosmos to your everyday life, all you need are a few carefully chosen items for your home. Not only do they look fantastic, they’ll also bring you closer to distant and mystical planets, galaxies and constellations.

For all the daring explorers out there, Bright Side found twenty of the most unearthly space-themed interior design ideas that will make you feel like a real astronaut.

Galaxy Blinds

 A glow-in-the-dark Starry Bed Canopy

The Galaxy Wall Decal

The Moon Rug

A Nebula/Galactic Shower Curtain

The Planetarium Lamp

Moon Clock

A Moon Plate

A Moon-shaped Baby Crib

A solar system ornament

Galaxy Bedding

A Cosmic Cutting Board

Galaxy Light Paper Lanterns

A Star Constellation Blanket

The Full Moon Mattress

The Full Moon Hug Pillow

The Constellation Runner

A whole galaxy under your feet

Galaxy Lollipops

The Constellation Lamp

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