22 Simple Ideas That Will Make Your Home Cozier

22 Simple Ideas That Will Make Your Home Cozier

You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune to make some useful and smart transformations in your house. Even little things can make a noticeable difference.

We collected these great ideas that will help you transform your place into a modern smart-house where there is a place for everything and everyone! Enjoy being at home!

A pull-out cutting board

An additional cutting station with hole to throw garbage in. Ingenious!

A tufted ottoman

Now you have additional space to keep your small things. Plus, it looks much better than some ordinary box!

A window seat

If the ledge is wide enough to accommodate a seat, you can use a miniature mattress, pillows, and cushions to turn this place into your favorite spot in the house.

Additional built-in book shelf

A great place to store books, magazines, or maybe a trophy shelf!

Half-stand for your bathroom

This will save some space for your personal care stuff.

Unexpected storage

When planning any transformation in your house, pay attention to every single corner available. Maybe you'll discover an unexpected place for an additional built-in storage case? 

Heat-sensitive tile in your shower

Put heat-sensitive tiles in your shower to watch the room change colors!

Utensil holder

A perfect utensil organizer for a small family.

Paper towel holder instead of a drawer

This is exactly what you need in the kitchen!

A built-in ironing board

No one will ever know what's inside this wall mirror.

A pot lid holder

The best idea to organize those numerous pot lids you have.

A Dutch door for the children's bedroom

Mommy sees everything!

Built-in outlets

Now your furniture can be placed right against the wall.

Folding doors

Now you don’t have to take your coffee machine out every time you make coffee.

Outlets under the cupboards

The clean look is guaranteed!

Cleaning supplies cabinet

What a neat idea!

A tunnel leading to kid's bedroom

Your little one will love it.

Pull-out pantries

To keep those numerous little jars and bottles of spices well-organized!

A wall bed

A great substitute for a bunk-bed.

Drawers in the walls

You can build these space-savers in the wasted space between studs. 

If there is no space for a wardrobe

Simple and organized.

Under-the-counter swivel-out kitchen stools

They will save space and allow for easy floor sweeping.

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