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27 Cool Gizmos Each of Us Wouldn’t Like to Live Without

Nowadays, there are so many sophisticated gadgets and smart computers, that it’s hard to be impressed by new inventions. However, these brilliant inventors continue working on innovations that undoubtedly make this world a better and easier place to live.

Bright Side has found 27 things that we’d love to use in our everyday life.

A nice add-on to your bed.

Now you can choose between a rocket ship statue and a set of chairs.

With this simple item, you’ll always have fresh sneakers.

No more sore fingers and damaged walls.

This pen shows how much ink remains inside.

This table lets you to recharge electronics by pedaling.

This library has a special booth for cell phone calls.

This fridge has a built-in water filter.

This hotel offers sanitized remotes.

This shopping cart has a scanner that sums up the prices of products that are put inside it.

This door knob has a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser.

This machine washes escalator handrails.

The students of this university in Malaysia prove their attendance by scanning a QR-code.

These batteries have a micro-USB for recharging.

A Rubik’s cube for the blind.

Using this device, you can open a door without coming in contact with any germs.

These benches in Sweden have USB-ports.

These stairs show how many calories one burns while going up them.

This machine installed at a shopping mall wraps wet umbrellas into plastic bags.

This café has a door just for kids.

This bar toilet has cushions for tipsy customers.

This butcher shop has vending machines filled with fresh meat that you can buy even if the shop is closed.

This tap has soap, water, and air.

“My local laundromat has gym equipment to use as you are waiting for your load to finish.”

“Need help? Press the button and one of the employees will come to assist you.”

The handles of these cups are made for holding several cups in one hand at the same time.

This chair has a special gap for hanging backpacks and bags.

Have you ever seen any inventions that aren’t necessarily famous but are capable of making this world a more comfortable place? Let us know in the comments!

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